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So much goodness in one afternoon

Today is 8 ways to beautiful. Warm, sunny, big “The Simpsons” kind of clouds in the sky. People seem very happy.

La Vie en Rose French food truckAs I was headed to a lunch meeting in the Benson Center, I spied the La Vie en …

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Last Week Roundup

Hard to argue with this weather – it was another terrific weekend (and very unusual for February to be near or in the 70s).  Today it is sunny and the temperature gauge on my car read 70 at …

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What a lovely day

Here’s a flashback to the 80s, Deac families – who remembers this?

Today is one of those days where Wake Forest could easily say “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.”  It is a glorious, …

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It is a crisp, cold day on campus today. High of maybe 53, but with the breeze my weather app says it feels like 40.  It was cold enough that when I was walking the middle part of campus to and …

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Join me in the #WFUSleepinDeacon challenge!

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families.  Today I bring to you an invitation to enhance your wellbeing through better sleep.  Our fantastic Office of Wellbeing is doing the 2nd annual …

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