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Some Interesting Stats

We’re coming down to the home stretch of our New Student Receptions, and I thought it might be fun to take a look at some of the statistics of these gatherings for new students and their parents or family members, as well as current students.

33 receptions total

438 of the incoming freshmen families registered to attend a reception

76 current students registered to attend a reception (NOTE: this number is probably larger than 76, because most of our reception hosts had their WFU students attend)

21 alumni (non staff members) registered to attend a reception; some were current parents

20 WFU staff members traveling to these 33 receptions.  At the end of the season I’ll total up the mileage from these events – it will be a big number.

We have also had some wonderful interactions with families during and after the events.  Maybe the two most meaningful I witnessed personally were these:

- I had two upperclassmen women come up to me at a reception and tell me they’d met at this same reception a year ago as incoming freshmen and became best friends

- A mom came up to me after a reception and said (paraphrasing here)  ’before this event, my anxiety level about sending my student to college was up here [gestured toward her neck].  Now that we’ve met so many nice people, that anxiety is way down here.

And for those of you not living in a reception area, we are still trying to work out a ‘virtual’ route – less about you guys meeting and mingling (as our students have Facebook for that), but more to share the tips and good ideas that have come out of the events.  More to come once we flesh it out.

tampa nsrFinally, a great pic from the Tampa New Student Reception the other night.  They all look pretty excited about Wake!

Tell Us What You Think, Deac Families

Family Weekend registration went live on the 15th of the month.  So people are starting to think about the fall and this signature event from Student Union.

One of the frequent questions we get in the Parent Programs office is: ‘where should we take our students to eat during Family Weekend?’  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question.  A lot depends on your taste, what kind of cuisine you are looking for, what sort of price limits you are considering.

And rather than have us answer from the Parent Programs office, we’d love to hear from you!  What are your recommendations for a good restaurant for a Family Weekend dinner, or for any other time you’re in town.

Email us at and we’ll compile the results here.

Another Archival Moment

Last night was the New Student Reception in Kentfield, CA (north of San Francisco), and I look forward to returning to the East coast soon.  These New Student Receptions have been a blast for me and all my staff colleagues who attend.  It’s a wonderful way to meet eager new Deacs and Deac family members and help build community before the school year begins.  Hopefully at these events, we convey the sense of fun that people have at Wake Forest!

And so today’s Daily Deac is some of the best of the “fun” pictures from our very talented University Photographer, Ken Bennett.  We know your students are going to be studying hard and will be diligent in their classes, but they do have a lot of fun as well.  20091027pumpkin8411 20130520commencement1901 20090822amanda6483 20101019dance9763 20110407discgolf9956 journey sept 5 girls in room cropped 20110829pros_v_joes8708 20110829pros_v_joes8551 rake forest shag 3 20090423students2477 20090423students4524 20110827taste8166

20080826library9428 20081028pumpkin4287 20090130students0584 20090319aarf6385 20090421carnival1177

Creative Solutions

This morning I was privileged to go to the graduation ceremony of the LENS program we have talked about on the Daily Deac this week.  This program brought high school students to campus to work in groups and partner with local agencies on finding creative solutions and opportunities to help the partner agencies do better work in our community.

The partner agencies all had to do with topics like sustainability, the environment, and food resources.  I learned some troubling things at the presentations, especially about local food issues.  Winston-Salem has a higher child poverty and child hunger rate than the norm, and we also have “food deserts” – areas of our city where there is not ample local grocery stores/access to good, healthy food, which encourages residents to choose less healthy options like fast food.

One of the partner agencies these students paired up with is our own Campus Kitchen, which takes food that has been cooked but not eaten in our own dining venues, and prepares meals for local families who need them.

A friend of mine on Facebook was talking about doing a shift with Campus Kitchen this week, and I didn’t realize they had such a robust system to sign in volunteers.  It can be accessed here.  I have signed up for my own first shift as a volunteer and am really looking forward to it.  There are lots of ways your students could plug in to Campus Kitchen once they are back on campus – you don’t have to love to cook, either.  There are sorting and delivering options too.

So many of our students (and faculty and staff) want to do something in honor of our Pro Humanitate motto and help the community.  Campus Kitchen is a well-0iled machine, and if your students are looking for ways to give back, meet great people, and serve, this is a terrific service program.

The News Service did a nice special on LENS on the WFU website.   Enjoy it.


#MyTopCollege and #SYTYCD

Today we have some audience participation opportunities for all of you who are on social media.  The first one is that Forbes Magazine is running a #MyTopCollege contest.  Here’s what they say about it:

Show Your School Spirit - Every year FORBES ranks America’s Top Colleges based on graduation rate, student satisfaction, post-graduate success and student debt. This year, we want to hear from you. We are asking students and alumni across the country to tell us all about what makes their college special in our #MyTopCollege social media campaign. Watch which campuses have the most school spirit as we fill in this interactive map and get ready to publish our annual Top Colleges ranking on July 30. Everyone who submits their own college fun fact or unique tradition has a chance to appear here and in FORBES magazine. Use #mytopcollege on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.”

So if you have a Twitter account, you can help us by tweeting about Wake Forest and why we are your (or your student’s!) top college.  Make sure to use the following hashtags in your tweets:  #WFU and #MyTopCollege.  For example, this was our entry from the WFUParents Twitter account.tweet photo

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, you want to use the following hashtags: #wfu #MyTopCollege #WakeForest #GoDeacs as you add your favorite MyTopCollege thoughts.  Please do participate if you can, because we want to see Wake Forest at the top of the list!

The second area where you can have an impact on Wake Forest is by helping our young alumna Emily James ’14, who is in the Top 20 of the Fox TV show So You Think You Can Dance.   You can see clips of Emily on the SYTYCD website.   And you also have the opportunity to vote for her each week (see the “vote” option on the page; voting only happens once a week).  We would LOVE to have a Deac Dancer win this – so share the show’s link with your family and friends (and your student!) and help keep Emily’s dream alive:

Finally, as a follow up from yesterday. for those of you that enjoyed our brief coverage of the LENS program yesterday, there is a larger story on the Wake Forest News site today.

Happy Fourth of July!

On behalf of the Parent Programs office and the Daily Deac, we wish you and your family a very happy Fourth of July!

july-4We hope you have a day off from work, the company of people you love, good food and drink, and some fireworks!

The Daily Deac will be back on Monday.  Enjoy your long weekend!

PS - If you have an urgent need to reach someone at the university because you have a concern that must be addressed quickly, we have designated the University Police as our 24/7 contact.  They can assess the situation and determine who best to address your concern.

The 24-hour contact number for  University Police is 336.758.5591 (non emergency) or 336.758.5911 (emergency). They can get in touch with on-call duty staff 24 hours/day.


It’s a light day for the Daily Deac, as I just returned from the Miami area for a New Student Reception.  We had a great group of both incoming students and parents, and some current students as well.  Many thanks to all who attended, as well as to our gracious hosts, the Jimenez family.

I was fortunate enough to be spirited to many of the sights of Miami, not the least of which was being around the Brickell area during the World Cup games with Brazil and Colombia.  To say there was revelry in the streets would be an understatement.  It looked like the happiest party block(s) in an already happening town.

Also got to sample some of the local delicacies, and my gracious hosts made sure I got to taste and try a lot of food, especially some fantastic authentic Cuban fare.  A demitasse of Cuban coffee is inked in my memory as a great delight.

Which made me think about this – for students (and their families) who come to Wake from some distance, what are the ‘local delicacies’ that they enjoy and associate with Winst0n-Salem or NC in general?

Is it sweet tea?

Krispy Kreme?

NC barbeque?


Pimento cheese?

Moravian chicken pie?

I’m from a Phili suburb, so the culinary delight of home (and what you can’t get here, sadly) is the cheesesteak.  But what is Winston-Salem or NC food to you?

Send your thoughts to  I’d love to know.

And Gracias to the good Deacs of the Miami area.   What fun it was to meet everyone!

New Student Reception Season!

Last night I had the privilege of attending one of our New Student Receptions – summer sendoff parties that we hold to welcome new students and their parents.  My first reception of the season was Greensboro, NC and it was a smashing good time.  There were a lot of excited new students and parents, and some terrific current students, some young alumni, and even a couple of alumni parents and current parents as well.

These receptions are fun and lighthearted ways to gather Wake Foresters together and begin building their network.  There is always good food and lots of conversation.  Our current students and young alumni had some excellent advice for the new students – so good it bears repeating here.  Among their suggestions:

- take classes beyond what your comfort zone is

- try new things; some of the students joined activities on a lark (rugby and archery were mentioned) and they ended up loving those activities

- take advantage of the fact that professors and administrators want to see you – go to their office hours and get to know them

- remember that everyone else is just as nervous and scared as you are about starting school (even if they put on their brave game face and don’t show it); you are all in the same boat

- get involved in campus activities like Wake N’ Shake, Hit the Bricks

- go to athletic events – Wake is one of the rare Division I schools where students can get tickets easily and cheaply

- be yourself! if you don’t want to do X or join Y group, don’t do it.  Be who you are.

Following our student panel, we opened it up for Q&A.  As you might imagine, our new students had some questions about the upcoming registration period.  One of our current students there was also a student adviser, and she reminded the group to take advantage of the student advisers.  They can be accessed in two ways: by joining a Google Chat session prior to registration (dates and times at the end of this website) or by emailing

If you are a new family and there is a reception in your area, we’d love to have you attend.  If you have a die-hard Deac upperclassman and he or she wants to come as a current student, we’d love to have your students too!   A full list of receptions is available here – please pre-register to attend the reception of your choice.

To all my new friends at the Greensboro reception (and some familiar faces as well), thanks for coming.  Up next for me is Pinecrest (Miami) – and if you are in the area, please register and attend the Pinecrest reception!

A Cherished Tradition

We can’t bring you any kind of preview of fall semester highlights without talking about one of the cherished holiday traditions that comes the Sunday before finals begin: the Moravian Lovefeast.

Here is the official description of the Lovefeast:

The Lovefeast at Wake Forest

Moravian student Jane Sherrill Stroupe ’67 organized the first Wake Forest Lovefeast in December 1965.  200 students gathered to celebrate the traditional meal.  Since then, the Wake Forest Lovefeast has grown to be the largest Moravian-style lovefeast in North America, and one of the favorite features of Wake Forest tradition.

The Wake Forest Lovefeast consists of a sweetened bun and creamed coffee.  It is served to the participants by dieners (German for servers).  During the meal, music is offered by the Wake Forest Concert Choir, Handbell Choir, Flute Choir, and the Messiah Moravian Church Band.  During the service of song and scripture reading, handmade beeswax candles decorated with a red paper frill are distributed to each worshiper.  The candles are lit while the worship space is darkened except for a large illuminated Moravian Advent Star for the singing of the final hymns.”

For students who want to celebrate the Christmas season with lots of holiday magic, this is the ‘can’t miss’ event.  Read the Daily Deac’s preview of last year’s Lovefeast.

Lovefeast llovefeast1277 20091206lovefeast2547 all lit up again 20121202lovefeast8615 20121202lovefeast8482

Today I Need Your Help!

Deac families – today is a very important day in our calendar, and it is a day where you can help us earn an amazing benefit.

Today is the Million Dollar Day.

You might recall last June we had a one-day blitz in support of the Wake Forest Fund (which the Parents’ Campaign supports).  We had one incredible day with amazing results.   The proceeds of which help augment and fill out all the great Wake Forest experiences our students have here.

This year, spurred on by the excitement from our capital campaign, Wake Will, we have a group of Wake Foresters who have told the University that they will give us $500,000 if we can raise either $500,000 or 2,000 gifts from alumni, parents, and friends on this day, June 10th.  Gifts must be designated to the Wake Forest Fund (which the Parents’ Campaign supports).

That’s a half a million dollar matching gift we’ll be given if we can get this done.  Imagine an extra half million to support your students’ educational experience!


Please, please, come together and make a gift today.  You can do so securely online at our giving site:

Few people know the value of support like a parent does.  Give whatever you can, however big or small, in support of your student’s Wake Forest experience.  Or because you love the school.  Or because you love the Daily Deac.  Whatever the reason, help us get there today!

My normal MO is that I don’t ask you for money all the time.   But today I am asking, and it is for a really good reason!  Let’s show the Daily Deac spirit and help us get to 2,000 gifts or $500,000 today!  Thank you!