Parents’ Council

About the Council

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council serves as a vehicle for parents of current students to communicate ideas, questions and concerns to the University through their Council representatives. To contact a member of the Parents’ Council, email and the Office of Family Engagement will help field your question or direct your email to the appropriate Council member.

Parents’ Council members provide Wake Forest with direction by studying issues, offering guidance, acting as liaisons, and leading the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund. Parents’ Council members also serve as ambassadors in their geographic area to prospective Wake Forest students.

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council is comprised of approximately 185 families who have been invited to represent the parents of over 4,900 undergraduates. The Council meets twice during the school year, once each semester. Terms are two years in length and are renewable. Members are selected based on their interest in and ability to help Wake Forest fulfill its mission.

Activities of the Parents’ Council

Meetings: The Parents’ Council meets twice during the academic year: during Family Weekend in the fall and again during a winter weekend.

Parents’ Campaign of The Wake Forest Fund: Each Parents’ Council member is asked to make an annual contribution to the Parents’ Campaign of The Wake Forest Fund, Wake Forest’s annual unrestricted giving program. During the 2019-20 campaign, Parents’ Council members contributed  53% of the $4.2 million raised in the Parents’ Campaign. Overall, 3,365 current and past Wake Forest families supported the Parents’ Campaign.

Throughout the academic year, the Parents’ Campaign chairs send messages to parents and families, seeking their support of the parents’ campaign of The Wake Forest Fund. If you are a parent or family member and wish to make a gift, you may do so at our secure website (please indicate “The Parents’ Campaign” in the Gift Information section).

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Minta A. McNally (’74, P ’02, ’06)
Associate Vice President & Executive Director,
Office of Family Engagement

Anna Marie Carr-Reinhard (’12)
Associate Director
Office of Family Engagement

Brad McIlwain (P’07)
Director of Family Giving,
Office of Family Engagement

Parents’ Council Leadership 2021-22

Parents’ Council Chairs: Bonnie and Mike Carter P’22 – West Orange, NJ

Parents’ Campaign Chairs: Burwell and Chip Schorr P’23, P’23 – New York, NY

Parents’ Council Members, 2021-2022

Name City, State
Sushma and Ashwin Adarkar, P’23 Pasadena, CA
Kathy and Tom Arrix, P’22, ’23 Darien, CT
Joey and Drew Asher, P’23 Tampa, FL
Katherine and Tony Atala, P’23, ’24 Winston Salem, NC
Allison and Luke Babcock, P’24 Sag Harbor, NY
Anna and Dean Backer, P’23 New York, NY
Gwin and Matt Barr, P’23 Salisbury, NC
Christine and Peter Barrett, P’24 South Bend, IN
Alexandra and Kyle Bass, P’22 Dallas, TX
Julie and Todd Baur, P’24 St. Louis, MO
Jim Berger, P’23 Riverside, CT
Karen and John Blair, P’21, P’25 Ruxton, MD
Jakie and Peter Bowles, P’24 Richmond, VA
Ashley and Tom Bradley, P’25 New York, NY
Leslie and Phillips Bragg, P’24 Huntersville, NC
Aerin and Dan Bryant, P’21, ’22, ’25 McLean, VA
Gretchen and Miguel Busquets, P’22, ’24 Lexington, KY
Amy Butler, P’09, ’10, ’11, ’13, ’16, ’22 Austin, TX
Mcilwain and Jennifer Camel-Toueg, P’25 Key Biscayne, FL
Bonnie and Michael Carter, P’22 West Orange, NJ
Christina and George Caulkins, P’22’ 24 Denver, CO
Diane and Warren Chaiken, P’24 Blue Bell, PA
An Chen, P’24 Hillsborough, CA
Kim and John Church, P’25 New York, NY
Teresa and Peter Clare, P’23 Washington,  DC
Nita and Cullum Clark, P21, ’25 Dallas, TX
Jenny and Chris Clark, P’21, ’22 Greenwich, CT
Margo and Roger Coleman, P’22, ’25 Plandome, NY
Jennifer and Peter Collins, P’23, ’24 Tampa, FL
Elena Filippou-Coumantaros and John Coumantaros, P’20, ’21, ’25 New York, NY
Paula and John Covelli, P’23 Naples, FL
Elizabeth and Elliott Crutchfield, P’22 Charlotte, NC
Donna and John Culbertson, P’17, ’18, ’22 Moorestown, NJ
Wendy and Larry Culp, P’17, ’19, 23 McLean, VA
Wendy Zimmerman and Steve Cutler, P’23 Scarsdale, NY
Laura and Derek de Petra, P’22 Piedmont, CA
Myn and Terry Demmon, P’23, ’25 Atherton, CA
Patricia and Nicholas DeNovio, P’22, ’24 Bethesda, MD
Meredith and Dan Doherty, P’23 Marblehead, MA
Lynn and Bob Ducommun, P’22 New York, NY
Shefali Razdan Duggal and Rajat Duggal, P’25 San Francisco, CA
Jennifer and Peter Dunne, P’24 Lake Forest, IL
Marijke and David Dupree, P’20, ’22 Washington, DC
Michelle and John Durham, P’19, P’20, P’24 Berwyn, PA
Helen and David Dwyer, P’20, P’23 Short Hills, NJ
Marisa and Pat Dwyer, P’21, ’22, ’24 Miami, FL
Carrie and Kinsey Dyckman, P’21, ’24 Princeton, NJ
Brenda Earl, P’25 Rye, NY
Loree and John Eckstein, P’21, ’23, ’24 Jacksonville Beach, FL
Robin and David Elliott, P’25 Wayne, PA
Catherine and Paul Embree, P’25 Winnetka, IL
Leigh and Jamie Everitt, P’20, ’21, ’22, ’24 Sun Valley, ID
Trista and William Farrell, P’24 Roanoke, VA
Liz and Jonathan Fitzpatrick, P’24 Coral Gables, FL
Ellen and Trey Flautt, P’23, ’25 Knoxville, TN
Betsy and Sam Funk, P’22 Nashville, TN
Carmen and Cali Garcia-Velez, P’19, ’24 Pinecrest, FL
Meredith and Whitney George, P’24 Darien, CT
Tracey and Scott Gerber, P’17,’19,’23 East Hampton, NY
Maria and Jay Ghazal, P’21, ’25 Arlington, VA
Karen and Nick Giannuzzi, P’23 Greenwich, CT
Carolyn and Parker Gilbert, P’14, ’16, ’24 Bedford , NY
Christine and Mike Gilfillan, P’24 Madison, NJ
Joy and Pit Gills, P’23 Clearwater Beach, FL
Raichelle and Lewis Glover, P’25 Charlotte, NC
Maura and Neil Glynn, P’20, ’24, ’24 Needham, MA
Michelle and Brendan Glynn, P’23, ’25 Milton, MA
Karin and Charles Goldstuck, P’23, ’25 Palm Beach, FL
Holly and Mike Gregoire, P’22 Scottsdale, AZ
Allison Grigg, P’22 New York, NY
Julie and Rick Gruber, P’22, ’25 San Mateo, CA
Shea and Shane Grundy, P’20, ’22 Tampa, FL
Wendy and Peter Haabestad, P’22 Newtown Square, PA
Lori and Ashby Hackney, P’25 Richmond, VA
Liz and Tom Hale, P’16, ’25 Kentfield, CA
Ranson and Ken Hanau, P’22 Bronxville, NY
Lara and Stillman Hanson, P’24 Durham, NC
Henk Hartong, P’19, ’21, ’24 Greenwich, CT
Susan Hartong, P’19, ’21, ’24 New Canaan, CT
Brooke Shields and Chris Henchy, P’25 New York, NY
Laura and Michael Henderlong, P’23 Far Hills, NJ
Charlotte and Jeff Hicks, P’25, ’25 Coral Gables, FL
Julie and Jordan Hitch, P’23 Wellesley Hills, MA
Melanie and Mark Holton, P’24 Winston Salem, NC
Amy Hurst, P’24 St. Simons Island, GA
Emily and Ross Jones, P’24 Needham, MA
Laurie and Lyndon Jordan, P’22, ’25 Raleigh, NC
Angie and John Joyce, P’21, ’24, ’25 Winnetka, IL
Patty and Neil Kallmeyer, P’22 Houston, TX
Daniela and Kunal Kamlani, P’24 Coconut Grove, FL
Anastasia and Ed Kehoe, P’25 New York, NY
Kelly and Crane Kenney, P’23, ’25 Winnetka, IL
Perri and Carter Kersh, P’23 Chapel Hill, NC
Penny and Gary Kosinski, P’25 Ocean Ridge, FL
Heather and John Kreitler, P’25 Fairfield, CT
Jackie Krese and Negtali Rodriguez, P’23 New York, NY
Cindy and Jeff Kuchman, P’25 Lake Forest, IL
Vicky and Ken Lang, P’24 Weston, MA
Rachel and Rich Laxer, P’25 London, UK
Kevin Leader, P’22 Oakland, CA
Karen and Allan Levine, P’24 Ridgewood, NJ
Suzanne and Dave Lissy, P’24 Needham, MA
Caroline Lord, P’22 Columbia, SC
Leighton Lord, P’22 Columbia, SC
Harriet and Howard Love, P’18, ’24 Vero Beach, FL
Sharon and Richard Mack, P’18, ’21, ’22 Charlotte, NC
Steffie and Mark Madigan, P’21, ’22, ’23 Winnetka, IL
Yamile and Leo Manzanilla, P’22 Coral Gables, FL
Elizabeth  and John Matthews, P’23 Raleigh, NC
Katie and Brian McCormack, P’22 Chicago, IL
Monica and Wes Metheny, P’22, ’24 Annapolis, MD
Jennifer and John Metz, P’21, ’24 San Francisco, CA
Joan Higginbotham and James Mitchell, P’22 Charlotte, NC
Emily and Steven Moskowitz, P’22 Newton Center, MA
Wendy and Elwyn Murray, P’18, ’20, ’25 Purcellville, VA
Liz and Phil Neugebauer, P’20, ’25 Fairfield, CT
Cindy and Richard Nicolaides, P’23 Winnetka, IL
Margaret Anne and Jim Nolen, P’22 Newtown Square, PA
Amy and Dan O’Connor, P’20, ’23 Duxbury, MA
Jen and Sean O’Scannlain, P’20, ’25 Chicago, IL
Cynthia and Stephen Ott, P’22, ’24 Alpharetta, GA
Louisa and TJ Parsell, P’24 Charleston, SC
Jennifer and Jonas Pate, P’25 Wilmington, NC
Anne and Robert Pedrero, P’24 San Francisco, CA
Mary and Gary Pinkus, P’20, ’22 Woodside, CA
Debby and David Pollock, P’25 Lewisville, NC
Margi and Tom Power, P’23 Hillsborough, CA
Cathy and Alan Prince, P’19, ’22 Atlanta, GA
Lisa and Jim Purdy, P’20, P’23 Bronxville, NY
Amanda and Bob Ramseur, P’23 Raleigh, NC
Tina and Guy Revelle, P’18, ’25 Tampa, FL
Lizzie and John Robertshaw, P’24 Clinton Corners, NY
Talbott and Jamie Roche, P’24 Lafayette, CA
Sally and Tim Roemer, P’16, ’22 Great Falls, VA
Allison and Asher Rubin, P’22, ’25 Lutherville Timonium, MD
Susie and Jonathan Sabin, P’25 Incline Village, NV
Natalie and Jose Salazar, P’24 Sao Paulo, Brazil
Vicki and Yuri Salnikoff, P’25 Millbrook, NY
Suzanne and John Sanders, P’22 Greenville, SC
Kaveri and Aurobind Satpathy, P’22, ’25 Miami, FL
Kristin and Derek Schiller, P’23 Peachtree Corners, GA
Catharina and Georg Schloendorff, P’23 New York, NY
Grace and Andy Schoelkopf, P’25 Greenwich, CT
Burwell and Chip Schorr, P’23, ’23 New York, NY
Meg and Dane Scism, P’24 Knoxville, TN
Deborah and John Scott, P’23 Dallas, TX
Beth and Doug Searcy, P’24 Wilson, NC
Olivia and Dev Sethi, P’25 Tucson, AZ
Stephanie and Steve Shafran, P’25 Ketchum, ID
Carolyn and Kevin Sheehan, P’22 South Yarmouth, MA
Bethany and Vijay Sheshadri, P’25 Cary, NC
Liz and RJ Shook, P’25 Boca Raton, FL
Olive Osbourne-Silver and Jonathan Silver, P’23 New York, NY
Kate and Joe Simmel, P’24 Allendale, NJ
Sue and John Simon, P’23 Wellesley Hills, MA
Abigail and Andrew Sinwell, P’25 Dallas, TX
Victoria and Pete Smith, P’23, P’23 Short Hills, NJ
Missy and Rick Sterne, P’24 Palm Beach, FL
Julie and Nick Stevenson, P’22, ’25 Wilton, CT
Sue and George Stewart, P’21, ’22 Pittsburgh, PA
Cindy Lou and Boyd Sturges, P’25 Louisburg, NC
Lauren and Chris Sullivan, P’22 Bryn Mawr, PA
Dana and Ted Swimmer, P’19, ’21, ’23 Charlotte, NC
Joey and Peter Taub, P’25 New York, NY
Taylor and Aaron Taylor, P’22 Pound Ridge, NY
Beth and Beau Taylor, P’25, ’25 Palm Beach, FL
Ashley and Jack   Thayer, P’24, ’25 Baltimore, MD
Amy McMichael and Ralph Thomas, P’22 Greensboro, NC
Ann and Steve Tighe, P’16, ’17, ’18, ’22 Delray Beach, FL
Jane and Joe Tranfo, P’22 Greenwich, CT
Sally and Bill Van Ingen, P’22 Rect, PA
Kim and Jeff Veber, P’25 Rye, NY
Laura and Drayton Virkler, P’24 Durham, NC
Jennifer and Will Vogt, P’24 Corpus Christi, TX
Jen and Rob Waldron, P’22, ’25 Wayland, MA
Kelly and John Waller, P’23 Chicago, IL
Lindsay and Richard Walsh, P’22 San Francisco, CA
Ashley and Ward Waltemath, P’22, ’25 Nashville, TN
Chris Ward, P’13, ’14,  ’15, ’18, ’20, ’23 Potomac, MD
Jane and Seth Waugh, P’17, ’18, ’25 North Palm Beach, FL
Garnett and Rod Webb, P’25 Raleigh, NC
Celeste and Jeff Wecker, P’25 Greenwich, CT
Susan and Torben Weis, P’21, ’25 Riverside, CT
Jennifer and Todd Werstler, P’25 Columbus, OH
Jane and Dunlop White, P’23 Winston Salem, NC
Wendy Wilkinson, P’25 Washington, DC
Claire and Chris Williams, P’19, ’22 Richmond, VA
Delia and Kevin Willsey, P’22 Summit, NJ
Sally and Craig Wolfanger, P’25 Pittsburgh, PA
Kristin and Chris Wood, P’21, ’23 Atlanta, GA
Keely and Woody Woodall, P’24 Jacksonville, FL
Nicole and Jonas Woods, P’21, ’22, ’24 Dallas, TX
Jill and Ken Zimmer, P’22, ’24 Duxbury, MA
Alison and Scott Zoellner, P’23 Summit, NJ