About the Parents’ Council

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council serves as a vehicle for parents of current students to communicate ideas, questions and concerns to the University through their Council representatives. To contact a member of the Parents’ Council, email parents@wfu.edu and the Office of Family Engagement will help field your question or direct your email to the appropriate Council member.

Parents’ Council members provide Wake Forest with direction by studying issues, offering guidance, acting as liaisons, and leading the Parents’ Campaign of the Wake Forest Fund. Parents’ Council members also serve as ambassadors in their geographic area to prospective Wake Forest students.

The Wake Forest Parents’ Council is comprised of approximately 185 families who have been invited to represent the parents of over 4,900 undergraduates. The Council meets twice during the school year, once each semester. Terms are two years in length and are renewable. Members are selected based on their interest in and ability to help Wake Forest fulfill its mission.



The Parents’ Council meets twice during the academic year: during Family Weekend in the fall and again during a winter weekend.

Parents’ Campaign of The Wake Forest Fund

Each Parents’ Council member is asked to make an annual contribution to the Parents’ Campaign of The Wake Forest Fund, Wake Forest’s annual unrestricted giving program. During the 2021-2022 campaign, Parents’ Council members contributed 51% of the $5,121,149 raised in the Parents’ Campaign. Overall, 3,564 current and past Wake Forest families supported the Parents’ Campaign.

Throughout the academic year, the Parents’ Campaign chairs send messages to parents and families, seeking their support of the parents’ campaign of The Wake Forest Fund. If you are a parent or family member and wish to make a gift, you may do so at our secure website (please indicate “The Parents’ Campaign” in the Gift Information section).

Parents’ Council Leadership 2022-2023

Parents’ Council Chairs

Burwell and Chip Schorr P’23, P’23
New York, NY

Parents’ Campaign Chairs

Anne and Robert Pedrero P’24
San Francisco, CA

Parents’ Council Members, 2022-23

First NamesLast NameHome CityState
Jim and WendyAgah
Nicole and MichaelAlexander
Mark and Susan Anderson
Ann and ChrisAristides
Jenkie and DanArnold
Katherine and TonyAtala
VJ and VenkatAtluri
Allison and LukeBabcock
Holly and CarterBalfour
Christine and PeterBarrett
Julie and ToddBaur
Laura and ChrisBerry
Karen and JohnBlair
Laura and JamesBland
Jill and Michael Bluhm
Dyan and Douglas Boake/Triffo
Jakie and PeterBowles
Ashley and TomBradley
Leslie and PhillipsBragg
Jackie and BeauBreckenridge
Lael and PeterBrodsky
Aerin and DanBryant
Gretchen and MiguelBusquets
Claire and Michael Callewaert
Lisa and AndrewCameron
Catharine and JohnCathey
Christina and GeorgeCaulkins
Annah and PatCave
Diane and WarrenChaiken/Trounson-Chaiken
Kim and JohnChurch
Nita and CullumClark
Jenny and ChrisClark
Gretchen and JayClayton
Margo and RogerColeman
Aimee and JonathanColeman
Jennifer and PeterCollins
Catherine and ThomasConnolly
Deborah and MichaelConway
Jennifer and MatthewCook
Elena and JohnCoumantaros / Filippou-Coumantaros
Teresa and Roger Cozzi
Caroline and DavidCrawford
Dawn and Rod Crawford
Cal and JackDaggitt
Myn and TerryDemmon
Courtney and Doug Denby
Patricia and NicholasDeNovio
Amy and CarmineDi Sibio
Paula and DavidDickey
Shefali and RajatDuggal/Razdan Duggal
Jennifer and PeterDunne
Helen and DavidDwyer
Marisa and PatDwyer
Carrie and KinseyDyckman
Loree and JohnEckstein
Robin and DavidElliott
Catherine and PaulEmbree
Molly and GreggEngles
Leigh and JamieEveritt
Trista and WilliamFarrell
Meredith and BrianFeurtado
Liz and JonathanFitzpatrick
Ellen and TreyFlautt
Malia and David Frame
Bob and JillFranz
Andrea and DrewFrick
Carmen and CaliGarcia-Velez
Caroline and RobertGefaell
Meredith and WhitneyGeorge
Abigail and Lloyd Gerry
Maria and JayGhazal
Carolyn and ParkerGilbert
Christine and MikeGilfillan
Raichelle and LewisGlover
Michelle and BrendanGlynn
Maura and NeilGlynn
Karin and CharlesGoldstuck
Andrea and ToddGreene
Carol and JeffGroh
Julie and RickGruber
Lori and AshbyHackney
Joyce and Michael Hagan
Sue and Crawford Hamilton
Lara and StillmanHanson
Sue and RobinHayes
Brooke and ChrisHenchy/Shields
Laura and MichaelHenderlong
Charlotte and JeffHicks
Melanie and MarkHolton
Karen and Jeffrey Horowitz
Cristina Hudson
Allisa and Rob Huestis
Katie and JackHuffard
Nita and JonathanHunter/Major
Deanna and StuIngis
Merry and Hal Jenkins
Janice and Bill Jennings
Emily and RossJones
Laurie and LyndonJordan
Angie and JohnJoyce
Daniela and KunalKamlani
Anastasia and EdKehoe
Melissa and DavidKelly
Kelly and CraneKenney
Mimi and Tom Killoren
Penny and GaryKosinski
Emily and Andrew Kotchen
Heather and JohnKreitler
Cindy and JeffKuchman
Vicky and KenLang
Rachel and RichLaxer
Jennifer and RichardLerner/Scully-Lerner
Kristin and Andy Lesher
Karen and AllanLevine
Suzanne and DaveLissy
Steffie and MarkMadigan
Elizabeth and JohnMatthews
Julie and KevinMcAllister
Monica and WesMetheny
Jennifer and JohnMetz
Tony and KaraMikulec
Judith and Greg Miller
Laura and Jay Moore
Kristen and DukeMulvoy
Susan and Eric Munson
Wendy and ElwynMurray
Margo and ShepMurray
Nancy and JeffMyers
Liz and PhilNeugebauer
Allison and ThomasO’Grady
Jen and SeanO’Scannlain
Cynthia and StephenOtt
Shawna and Jay Owen
Pam and JamiePacker
Jimena and Alberto Pandolfi/Correa
Alison and William Pappas
Louisa and TJParsell
Kamal and AmirPatel
Anne and RobertPedrero
Darlene and Jorge Pérez
Kristi and DickPfister
Debby and DavidPollock
Karen and Scott Puckett
Helene and George Pyne
Darcie and TripRandall
Mary Jane and GeorgeReese
Tina and GuyRevelle
Jon and Heather Roberts
Lizzie and JohnRobertshaw
Talbott and JamieRoche/ Hoskins Roche
Jenny and DiegoRodríguez
Jennifer and EvanRothenberg
Hope and David Rothschild
Michele and Stuart Rothstein
Allison and AsherRubin
Susie and JonathanSabin
Natalie and JoseSalazar
Vicki and YuriSalnikoff
Kaveri and AurobindSatpathy
Sara and David Scaife Scaife
Susie and Rick SchnallSchnall
Grace and AndySchoelkopf
Ryan and CindySchwarz
Katie and SteveScruggs
Beth and DougSearcy
Hilary and LloydSemple
Olivia and DevSethi
Stephanie and SteveShafran
Bethany and VijaySheshadri
Liz and RJShook
Kate and JoeSimmel
Abigail and AndrewSinwell
Emily and MarcSmernoff
Alisa and Jule Smith
Jorgette and John Smith
Darcy and Jeff Sockwell
Folashade and JesseSolomon
Ryan and Cori Sothan/Amend
Missy and RickSterne
Julie and NickStevenson
Susan and Oak Strawbridge
Cindy Lou and BoydSturges
Dana and TedSwimmer
Joelle and PeterTaub
Beth and BeauTaylor
Lisa and HassanTetteh
Jack and AshleyThayer
Mary and Matt Tritley
Patricia and RickVan Benschoten
Kim and JeffVeber
Laura and DraytonVirkler
Jen and WillVogt
Stephanie and HarryWagner
Jen and RobWaldron
Ashley and WardWaltemath
Jane and BennetWaters
Garnett and RodWebb
Celeste and JeffWecker
Allison and Doug Weight
Susan and TorbenWeis
Jennifer and ToddWerstler
Laura and CarterWhisnand
Sally and CraigWolfanger
Keely and WoodyWoodall
Nicole and JonasWoods
Jen and ChrisYoung
Jill and KenZimmer

For More Information

Minta A. McNally (’74, P ’02, ’06)
Associate Vice President & Executive Director, Office of Family Engagement

Brad McIlwain (P’07)
Director of Family Giving, Office of Family Engagement