Whenever possible, let your student be the one to contact an office, ask a question, give feedback, or research how to accomplish something on campus. Our students need to develop relationships with campus offices, and they will be building real-world problem-solving skills when they do the work themselves.

Urgent Concerns/ After Hours Help

If you have an urgent concern that cannot wait until the next business day, see our After Hours Help page.


Information on tuition, paying your bill, and other financial resources.
DEAC (Pay your student’s bill)
Federal Work Study
Financial Aid/Scholarships
Student Employment

Global Wake Forest

Information for families of International students or students studying abroad.
Center for Immigration Services and Support
Global Wake Forest
Study Abroad/Away

Resources & Support for Students

Information about offices and processes that support our students.
Family or Medical Emergencies
First Generation Students (First in the Forest)
Intercultural Center
LGBTQ+ Center
Women’s Center
Additional Support Offices