First day of the new school year

July 1 officially marks the first day of our new year in my office. We go by the fiscal year calendar, which for us runs July 1-June 30. It always feels like a bit of a celebration.

Many thanks to all the families who made gifts this past Friday and weekend to help us reach our Parents’ Campaign goal. The processing of those gifts is still ongoing, but I will thank you on behalf of all our team here for your generosity.

Here is a tip for our P’23s whose Deacs will soon be navigating course registration. In addition to the excellent Registration section of our New Students website, our Undergraduate Bulletin will help students look at particular majors of interest for course requirements. Sometimes individual departments have specific sequences of courses they want incoming students to follow, so your Deacs will also want to check the departmental websites to see if there are recommendations of courses there.

It’s a hot and steamy several days ahead of us, but the new sod on the Quad is still looking nice and green. If you’re into knowing how the sausage gets made, you can take a look at the time lapse video of Sod the Quad 2019.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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