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Upcoming Events

Last week I was sent a number of flyers of upcoming events from our Office of Wellbeing. We do take seriously our efforts to help students attend to all the areas of wellbeing – so encourage your ...

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Pic of the Day - Part II

You know what they say about the best laid plans…had hoped to be back in the office today but am still firmly ensconced on my couch battling some awful respiratory gunk. My wish is that this ...

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Pic of the Day

I’ve been down for the count for two days with some virus that is going around, so I am popping in just long enough to bring you a pic of the day.

Here’s a shot of students on campus by Tribble ...

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Ice, Ice, Baby, FDOC, and ANGELICA!

It was a wild weekend here. We got a sizeable ice storm in the early hours of Sunday, which has caused a lot of hassles for Winston-Salem. The Winston-Salem Journal reported that there were 100 ...

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I don’t know if many of you have reason to go to the main wfu.edu page, but I was out there today and the story on the main page caught my eye. The main page photo is of the green, lush Amazonian ...


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