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Some things to look forward to

Yesterday our Student Union announced their 2020 Spring Concert:

Student Union Spring Concert - Bryce VineStudent Union is excited to announce our¬†2020 Spring Concert will be…

Bryce Vine!

Wait Chapel – April 15, 2020 at 8:00 pm

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Go Deacs!

Lastnight your Deacs had the chance to celebrate something we have not done since 2014: our men’s basketball team beat the 7th ranked Duke Blue Devils (a long time rival) in a thrilling double ...

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Someone has to go last

I have a series of things I preach from semester to semester and year to year. Most of them (I hope) are well received. There are a few things that are not necessarily popular, but they are both ...

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Monday Updates

It’s a grey Monday here on campus, but at least there is no snow. The little bit we got last Thursday afternoon and evening was essentially gone by midday Friday, and was maybe an inch at ...

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Moving off campus - Column A and Column B

I am in an event for most of today and tomorrow, so this is a pre-post.

This is a message mostly for parents and families of juniors, but if you have a first-year or a sophomore, this can be a ...

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