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20th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Keynote Address on Monday

Your students have a great opportunity this coming Monday to hear the 20th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Keynote Address. It will be given by Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. Dr. Kendi has a very impressive ...

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The Million Dollar Question

It’s been a whirlwind of a day here, so today’s Daily Deac will be a quick one.

When is Family Weekend?” is the million dollar question. And right now, we do not know.¬†The short answer is that ...

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Be present

At the start of each semester, President Hatch sends a message to the campus community. He began with what feels like a really wonderful goal: be present.

“As we begin this year, I offer all of ...

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Thoughts as we start the semester

Every spring, there is a little bit of an earthquake that happens with students. The familiar rhythm they had in the fall – when my classes were, who I ate my meals with, what I have to do to ...

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Welcome back, Deacs!

Happy Monday, Deac families! Our students are back – yay! – and it is FDOC (First Day of Class). So the semester is about to start rockin. For our P’23s, the first edition of Letters So Dear for ...

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