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Fun in the Sun

Happy Friday, Daily Deacdom! I’m not working today, so this is a pre-post. Since it really feels like summer in Winston right now, thought it might be fun to take a look back at some of the ...

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Thoughts on Summer Session

Summer has arrived in Winston-Salem. Yesterday the temperatures were close to 90, and looks like today will be in that range too.

Summer also means that Summer Session is happening. Summer I is ...

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Wake Wednesday for P'24s

It’s Wake Wednesday – which means today’s message will be largely aimed at our P’24 incoming parents and families (though I hope P’21s-23s might find some value in this too!)

A note before we ...

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A glorious day on campus

Couple of bits of business straight away:

Yesterday students received an email alerting them to their process for refunds of certain student fees. Please urge your Deacs to check their email for ...

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Somber reflections

Today there are two important messages to share that relate to the horrific death of George Floyd and the sense of injustice, pain, and suffering that so many people are living through. The first ...

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