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Sunday test message

Today I am continuing the test of the push-email service to see which time slots are working; thank you for your patience as we navigate our email glitch.

Do the 5 things to help stop coronavirusWe have a new graphic we are using about ...

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Issues with the Daily Deac

To my very patient Daily Deacdom, I normally don’t post on the weekends, but we have been having trouble with our push service that brings the blog to your inboxes each weekday. Normally the ...

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Double your pleasure

Today there are going to be two Daily Deacs: Friday’s, and the one I wrote yesterday (but it was not sent because the Weds. blog had been sent out Thursday morning and push service only happens ...

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Today is Thursday (I needed that reminder!)

Thank you for your patience with the glitch in the sending out of yesterday’s Daily Deac. Not sure why it did not send as scheduled last night, but it did go out this morning.

The coronavirus ...

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Trying again - repost of Update on 3/25

NOTE FROM BETSY: this was scheduled to mail on the afternoon of 3/25 (Wednesday), but for some reason our push service did not mail it out. I am trying again first thing Thursday. Also new: read ...

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