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Some perspective on behavioral expectations

Yesterday there was a message sent to parents and families about a lot of the finer points of public health compliance and what the fall looks like. Read it here, as it contains a lot of very ...

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Info-filled day

An important message came out yesterday after the Daily Deac had already posted for the day. It is from Dr. Hatch and it was about how local law enforcement released video footage related to the ...

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Really inspiring info on teaching this fall

All, I am really excited to share this with you, because I know that there are families out there who have been concerned about the prospect of online or blended classes this fall. Hope this ...

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Show Humanitate

Today students and families received a message about “Show Humanitate,” a riff on our motto that demonstrates our ethos of care for our fellow Wake Foresters. We can show our responsibility by ...

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Parking registration

It’s August and we are officially now in the month where school will begin. In the coming days, we will begin the process of communicating a lot of the final details and policies to our students ...

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