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A very special experience

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families! I am out on PTO today, and then will be traveling west for our Atherton New Student Reception, so this is a pre-post (as will be many of next week’s ...

Maya Angelou

Wake Forest students perform world poetry in Brendle Recital Hall in a program directed by professor Maya Angelou.Many of you may know of Angelou residence hall, named after Maya Angelou, but did you know the story behind her long and loving relationship with Wake Forest? Dr. Angelou came to Wake Forest in ...

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Sod the Quad!

New sod laid on the Quad where the Commencement tent had beenToday you get a few pics of projects on campus. One of which I stumbled upon this morning – the laying of new sod where the Commencement tent had been. If you look at this screen grab of the Quad ...

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The hidden nooks and crannies of ZSR

Wandered down to the ZSR Library midday with my hopeful Class of ’27 Deac, who wanted to wander around to every floor and examine every nook and cranny. We stumbled upon a couple of little-known ...

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Five Quick Thoughts

Happy Monday, Daily Deacdom! I hope you are at the start of a fantastic week.

It’s New Student Reception time, so we are crazybusy in our office. While I didn’t have enough time to do a proper ...

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