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Happy Friday

Happy Friday, Deac families! It’s been a couple of absolutely gorgeous days. Fall is here and it is delightful to have cool mornings and the need for a sweater. Trying to catch up on ...

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So today we did a thing

Today was a big day. Dr. Hatch sent a message to the campus community to announce that we have reached the $1 billion mark in commitments to the Wake Will Lead campaign:

“On this day in 1951, ...

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Just about midway point

Your Deacs are back after Fall Break, and campus feels much more alive with them here. We’re just about at the midpoint of the semester – the second part of term classes will begin Wednesday – so ...

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Fall Break Ear Worm

Fall Break is definitely the chillest time on campus. Parking? Abundant. Lines in the Benson Food Court? None to speak of. It isn’t that there are no students here – I was out today and I could ...

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Pre Fall Break

Last day before Fall Break. I got a message yesterday that there is a new link to a recording of From the Ground Up (some of you had noted that the livestream this past Saturday cut off before ...

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