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Late Night Food Run & Deep Conversation

A final thought this week for our end-of-semester bucket list: have a deep conversation with friends over a late night food run.

Back in my time at Wake, we did this by going to Krispy Kreme ...

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Sunrise, sunset

Today’s end-of-semester bucket list might be more of a challenge – because it involves getting up early, which is generally not our Deacs’ forte. It is about seeing one good sunrise, and one good ...

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Since I am out all week, we are featuring some things your Deac might want to check off his or her bucket list. Up today: indulge your inner child and swing on the swings on Davis Field.

Wake Forest student relaxes on a swing on Davis Field.There ...

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End of semester bucket list

I am on PTO this week, so the post below was pre-scheduled. However, need to make a brief mention of the tornado warning last night. First up, everything is fine – no tornado hit campus (and at ...

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Rainy Campus Day - and MA options

Campus Day in the rainMany thanks to all the new Deac families who came to Campus Day for Accepted Students today. The weather was just as cantankerous as last week – yes, it rained again – but the families we met ...

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