This is a glossary of terms to help undergraduate students and families understand some of the basic terminology and offices of Wake Forest. We hope this glossary is helpful in understanding our students’ experience.

Academic, Offices, and Processes Terms

These are terms and definitions that pertain to students’ academic experience: how they are academically advised, how they register for courses, and more.

Academic advising and course planning

The Office of Academic Advising is responsible for helping guide undergraduate students in their academic journey. Each incoming student is assigned an academic advisor (aka Lower Division Advisor). Advisors are faculty or staff members who are specially trained in understanding our curriculum requirements and helping students navigate their course plan. Students will keep their Lower Division Advisor until the spring of their sophomore year. Once they declare a major (and minor if applicable), they are assigned a new advisor in their major/minor. Here are some academic terms you should know:

Registrar’s office and processes

The Office of the University Registrar is responsible for ensuring the accuracy, accessibility, and security of students’ academic records. They are the official keeper of a student’s transcript, which shows the courses a student has taken and the grades they received. They also manage the process of course registration (i.e., picking classes for the next semester) and maintain the academic calendars for Wake Forest. Here are some registration and Registrar’s office-related terms you should know:

Financial Terms

Within financial terms, there are two main offices to be aware of: Student Financial Aid (who helps provide financial aid to students) and Student Financial Services, which handles each student’s account for things such as tuition and housing (what they are billed and what was paid).

Student Financial Aid office and processes

The Student Financial Aid office is responsible for helping make a Wake Forest education possible for students by providing them with financial resources based on their demonstrated financial need. Here are some financial aid terms you should know:

Student Financial Services office and processes

Student Financial Services is the office that manages all Wake Forest student accounts, including the costs of tuition, housing, and other University-related fees, as well as payments for the same. Here are some financial and student account terms you should know:

Housing Terms

The Office of Residence Life and Housing are partners in our students’ journey to create a home at Wake Forest. They work with housing assignments, our residential communities, and integrate learning and development into each resident’s experience. Here are some housing and residential terms you should know:

Meal Plan Terms

Every residential student is required to have a meal plan so that they have access to food on campus. Here are some meal plan terms you should know:

Technology & Personal Identification Terms

Wake Forest has a wide variety of technology available to students, including academic technology, software, and more. Here are some technology and information security terms you should know:

Transportation Terms

Here are some terms you should know about travel and transportation – both on campus as well as in the region:

Miscellaneous Terms

These are additional terms and definitions that you might want to know.

International Students Terms

There are some terms and definitions that might be of particular interest to international students and families.

Fraternity and Sorority Life Terms

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life works with students who want join social fraternities and sororities.

People Terms

Students, faculty, and staff or administrators can be referred to in a number of different ways. Here are some terms that will help you understand enrollment statuses, titles, and people’s roles on campus.

Student types and enrollment statuses

Administrative titles

Academic titles

Additional Resources