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Article on College Parenting

This article was making the rounds this morning on my Facebook feed and among some of my friends in higher education. It’s The Ethos of the Overinvolved Parent, from The Atlantic. It is an …

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It Feels Different

It feels very different on campus now that all the students are gone and no families are here.  You can see what his happening on the Quad via the Quad Cam – as of lunchtime Tuesday, the 13,000 …

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Commencement 2017

Today was Commencement, and it was a beautiful one from start to finish.  As we so often do at the Daily Deac, we’ll start with the weather.  It was gorgeous.  A cool 60 degrees when I arrived …

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A Preview of What's to Come

It looks like Mother Nature is getting all the bad stuff out of her system today – we have a grey, drizzly day with a high of 58.  Cross your fingers, it looks better for Sunday and Monday. …

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Tentasaurus Rex

Tentasaurus Rex is going up on the Quad, as of today.  Check out the transformation of the Quad in the coming days by visiting the Quad Cam.

If you take a peek now, you can see how the grass …

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