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Signs of Stress week

Pink sunrise over Wait ChapelHappy Black and Gold Friday, Deac families! It was a beautiful morning on campus – a lovely pink sunrise.

There is a series of events next week geared to help your Deacs with stress; details are ...

DESK - coming in April

I got an email yesterday about one of the most colorful and fun events each spring – DESK. This year, DESK will be held on Thursday, April 12th from 3-6pm on Poteat Field.

DESK is a terrific ...

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Top 3 This Tuesday

Today is a brief Daily Deac – has been a busy day and trying to make sure I get this up by deadline. So here are your Top 3 This Tuesday:

1) Our short-lived snow is nearly all gone now. This ...

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Catching up with lots of topics

EDITED 11:20 AM – Campus is closing at noon due to the snow. On-campus students were also alerted that they should keep their residence hall windows closed.

Welcome back, Deac families! Though ...

WINDY Wake Forest

Happy Black and Gold Friday, Spring Break edition. A lot of your Deacs were trying to sneak off campus today, and it sounds like a good many of them that were headed northeast are running into ...

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