It’s a soggy Friday here at Mother So Dear. Rain, rain, go away!

We had a question come in via another department – a Wake family member had wanted to know about doing something special for their Deac’s birthday.

This particular family member knew that if they wanted to send a consumable (that needed quick pick up, like a cake) all packages get delivered to our Post Office and the student has to pick it up there (they get notified via email that they have a delivery, and they have to present the delivery slip that is put in their PO Box). Said Deac parent wanted to know if there are other options.

Yes, there are! ARAMARK (our campus dining provider) will do cakes etc. for students. Families can order them by talking to our catering department at 336-758-5610. Students will still have to pick up the cake during business hours at ARAMARK’s office. But it does provide another option at least.

I don’t know which of your states are hogging the sun, but please, please send it our way. We are all sick of rain!


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

Categories: campus life


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