The Wake Forest Bucket List

Today’s Daily Deac was written by our periodic guest blogger, Emily Beeland (’19).

As a second semester senior, I’ve had time to experience a lot of the unique experiences that make up a Wake Forest education. These range from seeing the fabulous Renee Elise Goldsberry performing in person (still not over it!!) to sitting out on the Quad on a gorgeous fall day. A lot of these experiences, both big and small, have made my time at Wake some of the best four years of my life; although I knew about some of them coming into Wake, there are others that I stumbled upon (both literally and figuratively).

Thinking back to four years ago, I know I would have loved to have a ‘bucket list’ from someone who had been there, done that to shape my time at Wake. So I decided to make a Wake Forest Bucket List for others. Here it is:

Sit out on the Quad on a nice spring afternoon with your friends, enjoy the sun and the breeze, and listen to the bells play at five o’clock

Visit Campus Grounds and order a drink from the best student baristas on campus (I work here, so I might be a little biased, but you should definitely visit CG!)

Go to Lovefeast

Eat at Village Tavern – it’s a Reynolda Village staple!

Go to Shag on the Mag

Go to the Lighting of the Quad

Get to know the people around you (staff, faculty, and students alike!)

Find your favorite Pit worker and make a point to say hello to them every time you’re in the Pit

Take advantage of the amazing opportunities that Wake gives you – go see Renee Elise Goldsberry sing “Satisfied”, go hear Peggy Noonan speak, or maybe even go to a rally for a presidential candidate. I have no way of knowing what the next big event at Wake will be, but I highly suggest you take the opportunity to go if it is something that interests you!

Buy more Wake shirts that you will ever need at the Deacon Shop

Go to at least one Spring or Fall concert – it’s not often that you can hear big-name artists perform for almost free!

CareerTreks – check out the OPCD Website for more info!

Explore the trails around Reynolda Gardens – perfect walk for a fall afternoon

Join that club or organization that interests you! Reach out, find a new passion, and make friends!

Go to a football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, and/or baseball game

Go to the Dixie Classic Fair

Get a picture with the Deacon

(If you’re of age) Split a pitcher with friends at either Zick’s or Shorty’s

Go to a theatre/dance performance

Roll the Quad! (bonus points if you do this your Junior/Senior year)

Go downtown and see all that W-S has to offer – the Arts District, Innovation Quarter, Krankies, Camino Bakery, Jeffery Adams, 6th & Vine, The Porch… the list goes on and on

Go to Mama Zoe Michael’s – please! I honestly don’t know that many people who have been there and it is hands down my favorite place to eat in Winston! It’s near campus (just down the road on Reynolda), has really good food, and is decently cheap (which is always a bonus)!

Find the brick on campus that says “Make an Impact that Lasts” (Hint: it’s on the ‘north’ side of campus)

Visit the Bell Tower and the Tunnels – if you don’t have the chance to do so before senior year, don’t worry, there are tours for Seniors in spring semester!

Spend an afternoon exploring Wake Downtown and the IQ (Innovation Quarter)

Take that iconic picture of Wait Chapel (x1000)

Speaking of senior year, go to Senior Sendoff (mine is on April 24th and I am no way near ready for that… don’t make me graduate, please)

Go to the Farmer’s Market that is held in Old Salem on Saturday mornings

And most importantly….

Enjoy your time at Wake! I know as Wake Forest students we are constantly running from one meaning to the next, hanging out with friends, or even doing our dreaded homework. But find time to breath, and live in the moment. I’m on the tail end of my four years here, and I would do anything to go back and relive certain moments. Wake is what you make of it, and living in the moment makes Mother So Dear that much better.


— by Emily Beeland (’19)

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