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Politico article on Winston-Salem

Heads up about the next few days.  I am out on PTO Weds and Thurs of this week, and then Friday is Homecoming and I have some responsibilities there.  So these next few Daily Deacs are …

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There is a lot going on today

Daily Deac-ers, I had been waiting today to post whatever news was being announced about Thursday’s Clinton-Obama campaign event that was supposed to take place on Hearn Plaza.  The

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The Pit Has Upped Its Game

Today’s Daily Deac is a field report from the Pit, our on-campus main cafeteria. I hadn’t made it down here at all this semester, and I’d just heard a presentation about some of the enhancements …

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Misty Morning Fog

poteat-field-misty-morningThis morning on campus, Poteat field was covered in fog.  It was not that the air was foggy, it was that kind of fog where it is just mist hovering a few inches to a foot above the ground. …

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Had the good fortune to be outside late morning. The weather could not be better. Very few clouds, warm in the sun (but not so warm you feel like you are going to sweat), coolish air.  There are …

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