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For those with high school students

Happy Monday, Deac families!  It’s been a grey and drizzly morning and I have been jammed in meetings and other things, so today will be a quick blog.

While most of the time we talk about the ...

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Happy Lunar New Year!

There was a treat for your Deacs in the Pit today. The Deacon Dining, Chinese Studies Club, and Chinese Students and Scholars Association collaborated for the first time to celebrate the Chinese ...

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Grammy-winning artist tonight

A very quick Daily Deac today.  The sun has blessedly come out again, so everyone seems a lot cheerier.

And since the weather is better, there is no reason for your Deacs not to go to the


Today is absolutely a miserable weather day at Wake. You can see from the Quad Cam that it is gray and there is so much water it is pooling in spots on the Quad.  Let me try to describe the ...

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Seen on Campus

Today’s Daily Deac is all photos. Here’s some of what your students might have seen on the Quad…

Sleepin Deacon challenge info board


Pro Humanitate chalked on the wall


The Quad

Major declaration week

In and around the Benson Center…

aWAKE All Night

STEM poster


STEM poster


Benson construction

And in the ZSR Library…

Sleepin Deacon display



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