Leaf watch

Another glorious day here, so I took a stroll around campus during a time that was a not-close-to-classes-changing, and I took the route that is the outer perimeter of campus (past North Campus apartments as opposed to the Quad). Despite the great weather, there were very few students outside.

I was also trying to get you some pictures of the leaves changing on campus. They are just starting to turn – and the vast majority are still green, not in full fall colors yet. But I snapped as many good shots as I could. On Davis Field at the bottom is some Burning Bush – it starts green and turns a vibrant red as the fall progresses. You can see the hint of it in the first picture. In a few weeks it will be stunning.

One slightly disturbing note: the gutters were filled with a lot of leaves that seemed to go directly from green to brown. Someone else here had remarked that they aren’t sure if we are going to actually get a properly-colored fall. Seeing those leaves made me wonder.

fall leaves on campus

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