Native American Heritage Week

We haven’t called for “Where In the World Are Wake Foresters?” pictures in a while – so feels like a good time to do it. If you have a picture of yourself/your Deac in WFU attire – whether that is on vacation, volunteering, or at a scenic spot in your hometown and you want it shared with the Daily Deacdom, you can email it to and we’ll do a post when we get enough pictures in. (Note: there is sometimes a glitch if you click on the address if you receive the Daily Deac in your inbox – it adds a weird null character – so you may just need to type it out yourself). Please specify if you want your name used (or just want to be Deac Dad, Deac Mom, P’20, etc.) and if your Deac is in the picture, please let me know we have their permission to use their pic.

Speaking of travel, over the summer my family went to South Dakota and visited Wounded Knee and the Crazy Horse memorial, among other things. Those were really informative and deeply moving experiences. Next week is Native American Heritage Week, and our Intercultural Center has planned a lot of interesting activities that might interest your students.

The 2018 Native American Heritage Week will show the campus community that “We Are Still Here.” Native American and other indigenous-identifying students do exist on campus, and it is important that our culture is showcased, but also that other students get the opportunity to learn more about a group of people that is often not represented in mainstream media, academics, and politics. Through a curated series of events, the Native students at WFU want to encourage and empower our peers to diligently acknowledge the first people of the Americas and become familiar with the sovereign nations that still exist today. In doing so, we hope to build a community that is dedicated to reconciliation, progress, and truth.

They can see the full list of events here.

Coming up tomorrow is Homecoming, which is a ton of fun. The weather looks a little sketchy (rain in the forecast) but there will be lots of alumni from graduation years that end in 3s and 8s, as we celebrate reunions in 5 year increments. Hopefully your students will check out the action and see what is in store for them a few years from now. There is a big ‘Party So Dear‘ on Friday at 4:30 on the Mag Quad which will feature the Pointer Sisters. Your students are too young to remember them, but you aren’t, Deac families. Are you so excited? I’m so excited. And I just can’t hide it 🙂

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