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Tonight there is a Secrest Artist Series event – Jenny Lin, pianist, will be performing at 7:30 pm in Brendle Recital Hall. Once again this is a situation where I’d ask how many times in the future will your students have access to free, world-caliber performances right here in their own backyard? Chances are low, so I hope they take advantage.

There is another event worth noting: part of Business 40, which runs through downtown Winston-Salem, is going to be closing in November. This is part of a lengthy project to improve I-40 and Business 40. I suspect the long-term gain will be balanced out by short(ish)-term pain (they will be working on this until 2020. I might finish my grad program before they finish this road). You can read about the Business 40 closure here: Will be something for you to keep in the back of your mind if you plan to travel to campus.

Had a question from a family about withdrawing from a course after the official drop date. From the Registrar’s web site, it says “Last day to drop a full-term class with a “W”grade – Monday, October 29.” There is a process to withdraw (and it is different from dropping a class). Rather than try to interpret that distinction, I am going to point you to the 2018-19 Undergraduate Bulletin and the section on advising (scroll down until you get to Course Withdrawal).

I discovered today there was an error in our October e-newsletter re: the date that Potential New Members (women who want to go through sorority recruitment, formerly known as “rush”) have to return to campus for recruitment. The correct date that PNMs have to be on campus is Tuesday, January 8th. Recruitment will officially begin on Wednesday, January 9th and conclude January 13th. Our apologies for the error. 

One final event to mention: some folks are asking me about the date for Family Weekend 2019. We don’t have that date yet – have to wait for the football schedule to come out, which won’t happen until early spring. Details are on our our FAQ page. By the way, if you have not discovered it, our FAQ page. is a great first place to look if you have questions. There is lots of info there that we hope will be helpful.


— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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