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Decisions, decisions

Major/minor declaration week is coming up February 4-8. Typically this is when our current sophomores (and the occasional first-year or junior) officially select a major. Once a major is ...

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Summer Immersion Program

NOTE: our Wake Parents and Families e-newsletters went out today with an error. Classes resume on January 14th, not January 17th. We apologize for the error.

Sometime before the snowstorm hit, I ...

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Senior Survey

Since I am out on PTO this week, this is a pre-scheduled post.

Our Office of Institutional Research does a lot of amazing work on campus – helping not only to conduct research and surveys that ...

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For our P'18s

We are getting closer and closer to Commencement, which means our P’18 families – and their Deacs – might be starting to get excited/wistful/nervous/you name it. For those senior parents and ...

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Reprising an oldie but goodie

Today’s Daily Deac is a rerun of something I did . Was good advice then and it’s still good now 🙂  I call it “The Agony of Choosing.”

Over the past couple of weeks I have had an opportunity ...

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