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Today starts our Homecoming weekend, and it’s my 25th reunion (and I have lifelong friends coming) so this is a pre-post ūüôā

Don’t know if parents and families are aware of this yet, but we have a wonderful and new Wake Forest presence in Washington, DC.

The Wake Washington Program is the undergraduate study and internship program that began just a few weeks ago with an inaugural class of 16 students.  Students are taking classes at night with Professor Katy Harriger of Politics and International Affairs and interning 4 days a week full time. Their internship locations this semester include the House Ways and Means Committee, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, the Office of D.C . Council Member Mary Cheh, the Heritage Foundation, The U.S. Asia Institute, The Kennedy Center, The International Rescue Committee, the German American Heritage Museum, The Carmen Group, The Century Foundation, White House Historical Association, and Congressman David Price.

The Wake Washington Program has already filled its Spring 2018 class (Dr. Allan Louden from Communications will be the resident professor), and is receiving applications for the Fall 2018 class (Dr. Bernardine Barnes from Art will be the resident professor).¬† Spring 2019 will have Dr. Tom Brister from Politics and Int’l Affairs. ¬†We expect to very quickly fill each class, as demand is high for an ‘at home abroad’ experience, particularly one that includes internships. ¬†See the Wake Washington website.

The Wake Washington Center is the name for the actual physical space at One Dupont Circle, NW, that will house all of our activities for classes, meetings, alumni networking events, receptions, office space, etc.  Wake Forest has 4,300 square feet of space in a perfect location for collaboration and engagement with other universities and associations, while also being located centrally in the city.  The Center will formally open in mid-October.

In addition, there are opportunities for parents and families to take advantage of some of the resources of the Wake Washington Center.  Would you like to be a student again? If so, you can learn from one of the very best, Dr. Harriger.  See below for information.

And remember it’s Friday. Call your Deacs. Talk to them about what is going on at home. Ask them about what is going on in their lives – what are great things that happened this week? What was hard? Tell them you miss and love them, that you are proud of them. ¬†That is always a winner.


Be a Wake Forest Student Again!

Classes taught by Politics and International Affairs Professor Dr. Katy Harriger

Do you miss learning from and engaging with Wake Forest professors? Do you envy your Wake Forest student and the opportunities he/she has to learn from some of the best university professors around? Come be a student again this semester!

On three nights and one Saturday, Politics and International Affairs Professor Dr. Katy Harriger will teach a series of classes on relevant and engaging topics from the Supreme Court to deliberative dialogue to special prosecutors and more. Each of the classes is independent and they do not build on each other, so you can sign up for one class, all of the classes, or any combination. Dr. Harriger enjoys lively discussion and interaction in her classes, so these prove to be both informative and engaging on many levels.

Please note these classes do not qualify for continuing education credit. To register or find out more, click the link below.

Register now ¬Ľ

Thursday, September 28¬†–¬†The Supreme Court in American Politics

Thursday, October 19¬†–¬†Deliberative Dialogue and Political Polarization

Tuesday, November 14¬†–¬†The Long Term Impact of Learning to Deliberate

Saturday, December 2¬†–¬†The Special Prosecutor in American Politics

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