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Grammy-winning artist tonight

A very quick Daily Deac today.  The sun has blessedly come out again, so everyone seems a lot cheerier.

And since the weather is better, there is no reason for your Deacs not to go to the

Throwback Thursday

I was up in Farrell Hall this morning in the 10-11 am hour, and the joint was jumping. No shortage of students who were out there doing everything from studying to eating breakfast to surfing the ...

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Coats off!

Hallelujah, the frozen tundra of Winston-Salem has finally thawed! Today it is a downright warm 62 degrees, and the increase in the temperature has made our moods sunny as well. For the first ...

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Mystery Scrabble

It’s Thursday – the home stretch for the week. And it is a lovely day today – cool in the morning, but sunny. It was cold enough to need a jacket, but if you stay outside long enough you can shed ...


Here’s a little Throwback Thursday trivia for you, Deac families.  When I was a student, lo these 25 years ago, our Chaplain at the time was a wonderful alumnus named Ed Christman, who was ...

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