Some Images from Speak Out

Last week was Tie a Yellow Ribbon week on campus, which is meant to raise awareness of sexual assault.  There is a week’s worth of activities, which culminates in the Speak Out in Wait Chapel. ...

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Something to Celebrate

There was a good deal of activity on campus this past weekend.  There was Spring Family Weekend, the TEDx conference, opening of City of Angels at the University Theatre – a lot of incredible ...

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Procrastination Blockers

Last week, my colleagues from the Office of Academic Advising and the Learning Assistance Center sent this information to the Parent Programs office.  I think it is a truth universally ...

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Imagining a Different Campus Culture - Part II

Last night I was one of probably 200-250 members of the campus community who participated in a discussion about campus culture.  Dr. Katy Harriger of Political Science led this exercise.  Dr. ...

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Imagining a Different Campus Culture - Part I

Tonight there is a campus-wide deliberation event being held in the Benson Center from 7-9 pm.  It is meant as a venue for the campus to reflect on our campus culture and what kind of community ...

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