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Yesterday morning was pretty breathtaking.  Snow covered most of the trees and branches on campus, and while there was very little of it on the ground – maybe just an inch, it clung more to the trees.  Driving onto campus from the Reynolda-Silas Creek entrance, winding through the trees, it looked like a real Winter Wonderland.  If you are a Facebook-er, check out some of the casual pics from the Wake Forest Parents Facebook page.

Alas, the snow was short lived.  It was sunny yesterday and bright, and much of it melted before the day was out.  The only places that have any snow still are spots where the sun doesn’t shine.  Today is a cold morning – 34ish degrees – but by Thursday it is supposed to reach 70 degrees.  Some of the daffodils on campus had been trying to come up last week, and a few of the cherry blossom trees had started to spring.  I hope that the snow hasn’t set that process back too far.  Spring at Wake Forest is a beautiful time.

Our office received a message yesterday from the Residence Life and Housing office.  They had sponsored a program last week Wednesday for the North Campus Apartments/Student Apartments area.  They invited an officer from University Police to come to mingle and hand out “Operation ID” where students can register their valuables so if they are ever stolen, they can be traced back to their owners.  The Resident Advisers also ordered sushi (a food most college students won’t get to eat during these kind of programs) and it was a big hit.  Over 50 upperclass students attended the program.  Students can get more information on Operation ID or sign up online.

Finally, another gem from Facebook.  Our Wake Forest University Theatre is trying to win a new lightboard in a contest.  To help them win, you can vote for their video submission by “liking” it at the button on the page.  Even if you don’t want to vote – but of course we hope you do! – there is a great montage 0f some of their work, both practices, performances and stills.  We love our Theatre!

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