Something to Celebrate

There was a good deal of activity on campus this past weekend.  There was Spring Family Weekend, the TEDx conference, opening of City of Angels at the University Theatre – a lot of incredible choices for how to spend your time.  There was also a pretty darn good basketball game.

Our Deacs played Boston College on Saturday and for the first time in a long time, handed out a proper drubbing.  85-56 was the score.   While the team has been beleaguered for most of the season, they found their stride.  We led for most (or maybe even all) of the game.  There were some impressive, thrilling moments – CJ Harris dunking right over someone was my personal favorite.  It was a much-needed shot in the arm.

Sadly, there were not nearly the number of students there that I would have liked to see.

I understand, it was Spring Family Weekend, and they might have been out with their Deac families.  But we have had slim pickins in the student section this year.   I wish I could tell all our students that this is the only time in their lives (most likely) that they will have access to so many sporting events for free (or virtually free).  And they should go!  Support their classmates and the school by going to games, whether we are winning or losing.

Similarly, I wish more of them took advantage of lectures, and the arts, and all the other amazing opportunities on campus.  But for now, I’d settle for more tie dye shirts in the Joel.  Last chance is tonight against Duke.  We need a strong showing there, so egg on your kids for us!

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