Imagining a Different Campus Culture – Part I

Tonight there is a campus-wide deliberation event being held in the Benson Center from 7-9 pm.  It is meant as a venue for the campus to reflect on our campus culture and what kind of community we are.  Are we living the values that are embodied in our Pro Humanitate motto?  Are there ways we should strengthen our campus culture?

In the pre-meeting reading (which is a paper that summarizes interviews with a cross section of faculty, students and administrators, as well as various documents and surveys over recent years),  Dr. Katy Harriger (Political Science) and Dr. Jill McMillian (Professor Emerita of Communication) note: “the first step in this process is to talk together about our experiences, aspirations, and ideas for change….By listening to those with whom we disagree or whose experiences are not like our own, we can learn to be more understanding of those who see the world differently than we do.  But we can also discover what we have in common and use that discovery to make Wake Forest a stronger college community.”

This promises to be a very interesting event – and I hope to bring you a recap tomorrow morning.

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