The Barn

If you leave campus on the east side (exiting onto University Parkway near Worrell Professional Center and the water tower), you can see through the woods the construction of “The Barn,” which ...

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Rainy Friday

Overnight, it rained buckets.  There are very large pools of standing water on Poteat Field where intramural sports are played, and there are lots of puddles along the sidewalk and in places ...

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Look Into the Lives of Wake Foresters

Our colleagues in the Campus Life department have been busy this week chronicling the activities of Wake Forest faculty, administrators and students, so you can get a look at what life is like on ...

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Seen on Campus

Here are some of the flyers on campus that your students are seeing this week.  There are ads for women’s health awareness and a motivational speaker, invitations to get involved with Student ...

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Our Fickle Spring Weather

We’ve reached that point in the almost-spring where you really must look at the weather forecast before departing your dorm.  Yesterday was easily mid 60s – sunny, warm, students in short ...

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