Warm, Wonderful Weather

These are good times at WFU.  Temps are between the 50s-60s and we’re even predicted to hit nearly 70 by the weekend.  On campus, there are lots of shorts, light jackets, pretty dresses.  The students are ready for warmth and sun.  Pretty soon the available green spaces will be filled with students studying outdoors and catching some sun at the same time.

The ACC football schedule has been released, and the question on everyone’s mind is “When is Family Weekend going to be held?”  We don’t know  yet.  There are many factors in selecting that game, as well as Homecoming and other big event weekends.  We have to look at hotel availability, football ticket availability, when the NC Furniture Market is (because it takes up nearly all the hotels), fall break weekend, etc.

As soon as the date is selected, we’ll post it on the Parents’ Page.  So hang tight until then!

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