Rainy Friday

Overnight, it rained buckets.  There are very large pools of standing water on Poteat Field where intramural sports are played, and there are lots of puddles along the sidewalk and in places with dips in the grass.  It is a gray and rainy morning – not too cold, but with a breeze.  Starbucks was practically empty just before 8 am, which is probably not a big surprise.  Our students tend as a whole to want to sleep in.  It’s the ones with 8:00 classes (or the rare morning people) who are in there early.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Campus Life’s posts this week on “A Day in the Life,” today’s features our most excellent Chaplain, Tim Auman, and also student Nancy Aguillon (’13). 

UPDATE: as of late this morning it was sunny and beautiful.  So much for all that rain!

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