Our Fickle Spring Weather

We’ve reached that point in the almost-spring where you really must look at the weather forecast before departing your dorm.  Yesterday was easily mid 60s – sunny, warm, students in short sleeves and shorts, just an ideal day.  Today it was in the mid 50s with a stiff breeze around 8 am, and it got steadily and steadily colder, until by the end of the work day it was about 45 degrees.

Some of the students didn’t realize the cooler weather was coming.  On the way off campus this evening, there were young men in khaki shorts and short sleeves walking briskly to the north end of campus.  It’s just the time of year when the weather is fickle and it’s prudent to check before you leave your dorm room to see if you need a coat.

Still, with so many Wake Forest parents living in places that still have a good deal of snow on the ground (and some with more coming today), 45 degrees doesn’t feel so bad.

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