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Just a few quick hits today

For those of us who were loving the warm weather, it is gone today.  Highs only in the mid 50s today, but supposedly we are going to be closer to 70 tomorrow and Saturday.

So today I’m doing …

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Last Week Roundup

Hard to argue with this weather – it was another terrific weekend (and very unusual for February to be near or in the 70s).  Today it is sunny and the temperature gauge on my car read 70 at …

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This is what happens...

When it is the beginning of February and it is nearly 80 degrees:

blooming treesmore blooming treesdaffodils in early FebruaryThe daffodils emerge from the soil and the pink trees start to bloom waaaaaaaaaay earlier than expected.

This weekend was …

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Sleepin Deacon

If your Deacs are up on the Quad today, they will see a bunch of our Thrive leaves stuck into the ground at regular intervals.  Each of the leaves has information about sleep – the importance of …

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Regional events for parents and families

Today’s been a busy one – so a few quick hits for you.

For local-ish families (or even those farther away but who have a family business), the Center for Private Business is hosting an event …

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