Some Images from Speak Out

Last week was Tie a Yellow Ribbon week on campus, which is meant to raise awareness of sexual assault.  There is a week’s worth of activities, which culminates in the Speak Out in Wait Chapel. …

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Something to Celebrate

There was a good deal of activity on campus this past weekend.  There was Spring Family Weekend, the TEDx conference, opening of City of Angels at the University Theatre – a lot of incredible …

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Procrastination Blockers

Last week, my colleagues from the Office of Academic Advising and the Learning Assistance Center sent this information to the Parent Programs office.  I think it is a truth universally …

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Imagining a Different Campus Culture - Part II

Last night I was one of probably 200-250 members of the campus community who participated in a discussion about campus culture.  Dr. Katy Harriger of Political Science led this exercise.  Dr. …

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Imagining a Different Campus Culture - Part I

Tonight there is a campus-wide deliberation event being held in the Benson Center from 7-9 pm.  It is meant as a venue for the campus to reflect on our campus culture and what kind of community …

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TEDx Is Almost Here

There is a great event coming up this weekend – the TEDx Conference.  For those unfamiliar with the TED concept, here’s a quote from the TEDx at Wake Forest web site:

“TED is a nonprofit …

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Campus Miscellany

Yesterday morning was pretty breathtaking.  Snow covered most of the trees and branches on campus, and while there was very little of it on the ground – maybe just an inch, it clung more to the …

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Senior Orations

Founders’ Day Convocation was held this past Thursday, and as part of the event, three senior orations were featured.  It’s always so interesting to me to hear seniors’ reflections.  They are …

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Tie a Yellow Ribbon Week is Next Week

One of my colleagues sent me a flyer about Tie a Yellow Ribbon Week, which will be held February 20-23.  Tie a Yellow Ribbon Week  is a sexual assault awareness week sponsored by the student …

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Seen and Heard

This week I have had a number of appointments around the center of campus, so I’ve been through a lot of the high-student-traffic areas.  Here’s just a few things I’ve noticed.

  • I was in the …

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