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It's Time to Get Lethally Serious About Doing Stuff That Actually Matters

Happy New Year to all our Deac families! May you stay safe and well, and may 2021 bring the end to this pandemic. I know we all want to go back to our pre-pandemic lives as quickly as we ...

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Comparison is the thief of joy

Today I am trying to go a little COVID light, just to give us all a breather. It is hard to be pandemic focused all the time. Two quick COVID hits: 1) there is a new September 15 Campus Health ...

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Some thoughts on first-year course selection

Happy end-to-the-week, Deac families. Finish strong!

One of the big tasks this summer for incoming first year students is registering for classes. As an academic adviser, I want to share a couple ...

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New Deac Week (Orientation) schedule is live

Summer is a lighter news time for us, so our Daily Deacs are likely to be shorter, with more practical, tactical information. This one is just for the P’23s – the New Deac Week (aka Orientation) ...

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Registration tips

Many thanks to all the lovely families who came out in the rain last night in Phili for our parent/family reception. It is always great to meet folks in the Daily Deacdom!

Registration begins the ...

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