First-year student course registration

Incoming first-year students will do their course registration next week. First-year students have been getting a variety of emails all summer to help them prepare for registration (see archives here), but I also talked to my friends in the Office of Academic Advising to get some last minute advice for students. Here is what they told me:

The Course Preference Survey (being sent July 13) will walk you through course requirements and choices.  Before Monday, you should begin your work on that.  You can also review the Curriculum Requirements on the New Students Website (pp. 94-95 of Forestry 101) and make sure that you have taken all necessary steps outlined in Planning for Registration (pp. 98-102 of Forestry 101). You can see fall course offerings in WIN using these step-by-step registration instructions (pp. 111-118 of Forestry 101). You can also review options for majors and minors here (p. 97 of Forestry 101). These resources should help you start thinking about other courses you may want to take in the fall.

Here is the Office of Academic Advising’s contact information. Please note that it is likely they will have a high call/email volume on Monday, so we ask for everyone’s understanding and patience.

Phone: 336.758.3320
Fax: 336.758.4548

I’ll be at the Winston-Salem New Student Reception this Sunday and hope to see our local P’22s there! I know we also have a few Daily Deac families in France. Wishing you a happy Bastille Day on Saturday and a great World Cup final on Sunday. Not sure if we have any Croatian Daily Deacers, but if we do, I wish you luck in the World Cup as well.

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