Family Weekend 9 am tomorrow

Thank you for your patience as the small army of event planning folks have been trying to do all the reconnaissance on potential event dates. The process is nearly at an end and we expect to release the Family Weekend date at 9 am tomorrow. It will be on our main Parents and Families Page, and then I will put it on our Facebook and also in that day’s Daily Deac. Also hope to send an email out to all families P’21, ’22, ’23 and our incoming Early Decision ’24s around that same time.

Lots of other things to cover today. In case you missed it, here are highlights from the Martin Luther King, Jr. Keynote with Dr. Ibram Kendi.

In Campus Life news, a small group of upperclass students approached the Dean Of Students office to share their story of not finding a match in Panhellenic [sorority] Recruitment – but they have since found friends and a great Wake social life outside of the sorority system.  They asked, ‘would it be helpful if we offered to meet with interested unaffiliated students as peers, to offer our support and share our positive outcomes?‘ The answer was of course yes.

These women are hosting an Unaffiliated Meet Up tonight (1/23) in Zicks Underground. This letter was sent to all unaffiliated women from this spring’s sorority recruitment to alert them of this opportunity and resource. If you have daughters for whom this might be helpful, please encourage them to attend or to reach out to any of these older mentors.

In Wellbeing news, do your students know about Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing Coaching, an evidence-based practice, supports an individual’s self-determination in behavior change that is goal-directed and health promoting. Trained and certified health coaches apply strategies and practical skills as they partner with you to work through lifestyle challenges you may face, as well as help you reach a quality of life that is meaningful, self-sustaining, healthy, and value-driven. Wellbeing coaching can help support the following types of goals: stress management, resiliency, time management, goal setting, sleep hygiene, chronic disease management, self care, lifestyle management, and more.

Wellbeing Coaching is available to any currently enrolled Wake Forest University student, faculty, or staff at no cost. Our Wellbeing Coaches are committed to meeting your needs as an individual and core member of the Wake Forest University campus community. Learn more here.

Sign up is available until January 31. Encourage your Deacs to take advantage and focus on their wellbeing!

In Business news, qualified Wake students and recent Wake alumni who have at/above a 3.2 GPA and B or better in 1-2 quantitative/statistical/research methods courses, will no longer be required to take the GRE/GMAT for admission to the Master of Science in Management program. Learn more about the Double Deac Advantage.

Finally, an email went out to all students today about the importance of locking their cars when parked in the parking lots on campus or in areas near campus. Read it here.


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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