Unaffiliated Women Meet-Up 1/23/20

The following information was shared with our office by the Dean of Students Office.


Hello, we are a group of six current junior women who each went through the Greek recruitment process our first year but did not get into a sorority. We each have a different experience, and know how difficult this process can be. All of us are from different parts of the country, but we all found great friendship in our commonalities. We want to reach out to you to tell you a little about ourselves, and invite you to meet with all of us. Each of us found great friendships with one another and we wish we met one another earlier. That being said, we want you to have the opportunity to make similar connections with girls you may not even know yet.

It is important to point out that this would by no means be an opportunity to say anything bad about greek life on Wake’s campus post-recruitment. All of us are very close with many girls involved in Greek life. This would in no way be an opportunity to complain about Greek life on Wake’s campus, but rather serve to help anyone who withdrew from recruitment see that you can still have a plethora of friends involved in Greek life and still love your university even though you may feel let down at the moment. Additionally, no one is being asked by any means to reach out or connect with us if they don’t want to. We simply want to offer support and a glimpse of the future to anyone who thinks they would benefit from this. All of us have been in your same shoes a year ago and we want you to know we are here to help!

My name is Maddie Porter and I had the original idea to meet with you all, and here is a little bit about my story. This way, you can all know more about how this idea came to be:

Freshman year I went through recruitment and ended up deciding to drop out of the process on the last day. Personally, the few days of recruitment in January last year were some of the most stressful and difficult time in my college experience. This process was much more emotional and judgemental than I could have ever imagined or prepared myself for. Needless to say, the process did not go how I imagined it—at all. After this experience, I personally was put in contact with an upperclassman that one of my good friends who had gotten a bid to a sorority referred me to. Just like me, she ended up dropping out of the process the year before. She served as a role model and when I talked to her in person she really helped to lift my spirits that were previously shattered. She gave me a glimpse of the future and showed me all the things to love about Wake even though all of my friends at the time were involved in their sororities. Most of all, she acted as an example that one can still be a part of the Wake Forest community without being part of the Greek community. This lesson was crucial to me and my overall happiness and wellbeing at Wake.

My friends and I want to offer a similar experience to anyone who feels they would benefit from something like this. We want to be a resource for women in a similar place. We will hold a group gathering on Thursday January 23rd at 6:00 pm in Zick’s Underground. If you would prefer something smaller, we can arrange a one-on-one meeting wherever – at Starbucks or even The Crepe Shop in Reynolda Village. We can meet in a smaller group as well if you would prefer. Whatever is most comfortable for you. Our emails are at the bottom of the message. Please feel free to reach out to any one of us to schedule a time to meet or feel free to respond to this email and one of us will reach out to you!

Again, you may be ready to speak today, or maybe next week, or maybe never. Regardless, we will always be open to talk. If you think you would benefit from something like this, please email back and we can set something up!


Madeline Porter (portmr17@nullwfu.edu)

Kaley Vontz (vontkc17@nullwfu.edu)

Amanda Cummins (cumma17@nullwfu.edu )

Megan Roddenbery (roddml17@nullwfu.edu)

Bridget Ring (ringbw17@nullwfu.edu)