Weekend Recap

Campus is opening at 10 am today, largely due to the fact that while main roads in Winston are mostly clear and in good shape, neighborhood roads are barely touched by plows (if at all) and can remain difficult to navigate for several days afterwards.  Once people try to drive on the neighborhood roads or side streets, they pack the snow down, then it partially melts and refreezes at night, creating the ‘hockey rink’ effect.

Still, the snow was fun and I hope your Deacs got a chance to play in it.  Hats off to all the on-campus offices and services that worked throughout the snow to make sure your students had clear sidewalks to walk on, food to eat, medical care if they needed it, a place to let off some steam and shoot some zombies, etc.  There were many, many people on campus who worked tirelessly and in less than optimal conditions – so a big thank you to those folks.

A few previews of things to come this week:

On the academic side, a reminder that tomorrow is the last day to add a full-term class.

On Tuesday, the Study Abroad Fair will be held.  If your Deac is thinking of going abroad, urge him or her to start planning now and to drop by the fair.

Wednesday at 4 pm is the Grand Opening of the Gym Addition.  This should be great fun and your students should go.

Those are just a few of the many, many things happening this week. Check the Events Calendar for more activities.

— by Betsy Chapman

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