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Yesterday at the end of the day was a beautiful sunset.  We’d had a very nice day – warm, upper 70s, blue skies.  And as it got closer to sunset, the sky was filled with streaky pink and orange clouds.  Between the long, colorful clouds […]

Tuesday at the ZSR

I had a meeting in Reynolda Hall at 11:00 yesterday and then was meeting some folks in the ZSR Library at 12:45, so I had about 45 minutes of time to sit with my laptop and do some work outside the office.  I thought it […]

Looking Ahead

We woke up this morning in Winston-Salem to thunder and lightning, which does not happen that often.  There was a pretty strong rain around 6 am, then it fizzled out.  Right now it is simply humid and a little bit overcast, but with the […]

Project Pumpkin Is Coming!

Even though I think Wake Forest is one of the best places on earth to work, Mondays are still Mondays.  So I admit I was dragging a bit when I got to the office, and then when I picked up my mail, I was […]

A Very Rainy Friday

It’s Friday, Deac families.  The end of the week for your students, and it has been a pretty rainy one.  We’ve had rain on and off for the past three days.  The temperature has been cooler – low to mid 70s – and when it […]

Modern Masters Are Coming

The trees on and near campus are just beginning to turn.  In another few weeks, the trees will be bursting with glorious color.  And if you are a fan of fall foliage (or if your students are), I recommend the drive down Reynolda Road past […]

Volunteer Service – One Way to Get Involved

Our student body tends to be especially socially-conscious and volunteer-oriented.  If your student wants to get involved on campus and do something in the spirit of our Pro Humanitate (for humanity) motto, the Volunteer Service Corps is a great place to start. The VSC […]

Civil War Resources Online at the ZSR

Our Z. Smith Reynolds Library is the intellectual hub of campus and their talented staff offers a tremendous set of resources to our students.  There is a special new collection that has opened, and we thought for those Deac families who are history buffs (or […]

Two Big Speakers This Week

One of the best perks of being a college student at a top university is having the ability to hear from national and international speakers of note.  Tonight, your students have the chance to hear Christine Todd Whitman, the former EPA head and New Jersey’s first […]


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