This Week’s Old Gold and Black

The Old Gold and Black is the student newspaper, which is published online.  It comes out each Friday, and I thought I’d give our Deac families a sampling of the articles.  Of course, you can also go online to and read the whole thing.

Hamlin Wade (’12) wrote an editorial on “courageous leadership” that talks about the 26th annual President’s Leadership Conference, a retreat for campus leaders.  One of the leaders present was a transfer student from Liberia.  He has a great quote about leadership – but you need to read the article for the proper set-up.  Wow.

For those of you who have seen the Toyota commercials with the Wake Forest School of Medicine and football helmets and new technology (on YouTube here), there is another exciting partnership in the works.  Toyota is working with the WF School of Medicine on developing new accident response technology. Full story here.

If you missed the sports news that the ACC has expanded to include Pitt and Syracuse, wait no more.  The Old Gold and Black covers that story.

Finally, the Life section reviews a new restaurant and wine bar, Vin 205, that you might want to consider trying the next time you are on campus.  Sagely, the writer, Samantha Hoback, notes: “While the menu is reasonably priced considering the high quality of the food and wine, this is not a typical college-student hang out spot.  However, it is the perfect place to take your family and friends when they come and visit. They will be impressed with the atmosphere and sophisticated menu.”

Enjoy the Old Gold and Black, and enjoy your weekend, Deac families!

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