Email to families of sorority Potential New Members (PNMs)

The following message was sent December 2nd from the Office of the Dean of Students, Division of Campus Life, to families of women registered for sorority recruitment:


Dear Wake Forest University Family Members,

With the spring semester just around the corner, I am writing to share information about the sorority recruitment process and answer some frequently asked questions. Let me begin by first expressing my excitement for your student as they go through the process of exploring membership in a fraternal organization.

This is a thrilling yet challenging process, and I wish the best for your student.

Sorority recruitment takes place January 8-11, 2020. The residence halls will open on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, at 9 am for women to move in early for the recruitment process. Later that evening, your student will meet up for dinner with their Recruitment Counselor then at 7 pm, sorority recruitment will kick off with an assembly for our potential new members. Four days of events will then follow, running Wednesday through Saturday with bid distribution on Sunday, January 12, 2020. Traveling significant distances may require some women to arrive in Winston-Salem on January 6, 2020. If this applies to your student, please note that she will need to secure her own housing for the night of January 6, 2020. If there are any concerns about travel, please contact me so we can discuss your specific situation.

To better prepare your family with all of the information that comes with Panhellenic Recruitment, the Office of Student Engagement will be hosting two Family Webinars before winter break. Our first webinar will be Wednesday, December 11th at 5:30 pm and our second webinar will be hosted on Wednesday, December 18th at 12:00 pm. Please use the links below to register for either of the webinars:

Click here to register for our webinar on 12/11/19 at 5:30 pm EST. Click here to register for our webinar on 12/18/19 at 12:00 pm EST.

It is important to note that our dining operations are limited during sorority recruitment. We worked with our partners in Dining Services to ensure that there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner options available based on the recruitment schedule. The Fresh Food Company will have express options available at times when our women will be on breaks. Please keep in mind that not all of the food stations will be open during these times, but the staff will work with any dietary restrictions if your student simply asks. Dining options and hours are available using this link.

In order to participate in recruitment, a woman must have a firm, minimum 2.50 cumulative GPA and must have completed a minimum of 12 credit hours at Wake Forest University or her transferring institution. We will begin checking GPAs Thursday, December 19th once all professors submit their final grades. If your student is found to be ineligible for the process, she will receive an email notification from our office. We will conduct our first round of grade checks that morning, once the deadline for grade submissions has passed. However, some professors may not have everything submitted before the university closes at 3:00 pm on Friday. In those instances, we will not be able to verify a final GPA until January 3. Your student will have access to her cumulative GPA faster than our office so please remind her to check WIN for her final GPA instead of waiting for notification from our office. There is an appeals process if your student has extenuating circumstances that resulted in a GPA below 2.5 or taking fewer than 12 credit hours; please note that it is very rare for an exception to be made. She may submit an explanation and documentation here. This appeal must be submitted within 24 hours of receiving notification of ineligibility, but she may also submit it prior to receiving notification if she has checked her grades before we do. If your student is ineligible for recruitment, she will also receive a $30 refund which is a reimbursement for the early move-in fee for the residence halls. Additionally, several chapters have made the decision to increase the minimum GPA requirement. Qualifying to participate in recruitment requires a 2.5 GPA, however, six of the chapters’ minimum GPA’s range from a 2.55-2.8. If your student is below any of the individual chapter GPA requirements, she would likely not receive consideration in those sororities for membership. 

While recommendation letters are not required at Wake Forest, some women choose to send them to one or more chapters. If you are interested in sending in a recommendation, please refer to the information found at the bottom of this webpage on the Fraternity and Sorority Life website.

The recruitment process is successful for the majority of women who participate. However, it is important to recognize that your student is exploring membership in organizations that are selective and looking for women they feel best fit their experience. In spring 2019, 471 women participated in sorority recruitment. Of those, 88% matched with a chapter, 9% withdrew themselves from the process (although they were still receiving invitations from one or more sororities) and 3% did not match with a chapter. While we are very successful at placing women in recruitment, it is important to keep in mind that not all women join their first choice chapter. It also means that the process is that much more difficult for those women who did not have a successful recruitment process.

The recruitment process can be an exciting, yet emotional time for many women. We urge every participant to keep an open mind throughout the process, and we appreciate the emotional support and stability you can provide as a family member. Some of the women that withdraw from sorority recruitment midstream later regret their decision. You can help us by encouraging your student to see the process to completion. Not every woman will be invited back to her top sororities, but that doesn’t mean she cannot find great friends and sisterhood in the remaining groups. We often hear students that withdrew from the process reflect that they wished they had been more open-minded to the options available to them.

While we feel there is a chapter for everyone, our statistics show that 1 out of every 8 women does not have their expectations met. Therefore, it can be beneficial to discuss a plan in case your student experiences disappointment. Coaching your student to develop an alternative plan for campus engagement will help her build resiliency if the plan needs to be enacted. Asking questions such as “what areas of interest do you have at Wake?” and “what makes Wake feel like home?” can be good to start the coaching process. Often women develop their alternative plan around future sorority recruitment opportunities. For the fall, a few sororities may have membership spots available. We will know which have these openings by early September. Spring 2021 recruitment is also an option. Furthermore, we have over 150 student organizations to get involved in as well as a myriad of campus activities, committees and more. There will be a Spring Involvement Fair in the Benson University Center on Sunday, January 26th if she is looking to explore her options. She can also stop by the Office of Student Engagement in Benson University Center 335 any time and speak with one of our staff about other involvement opportunities on campus.

There are several important resources for your student during and after sorority recruitment. One of these is her Greek Recruitment Counselor (GRC). These undergraduate women serve as advisors to potential new members. These women are selected through an application process and receive extensive training in order to serve as an advisor for your student. Training begins the semester before recruitment and includes education about recruitment policies and procedures, as well information from the University Counseling Center. If a woman is upset or disappointed after recruitment, we encourage her to consult with her GRC who has been trained to help students manage a range of reactions they may experience. GRCs are knowledgeable about campus resources that may be helpful to your student.

Additionally, our Residence Life staff, Women’s Center staff, and faculty fellows are aware of which residents are participating in the process and will also receive updates when women are no longer participating in the process. If your student chooses to withdraw from sorority recruitment or is not matched to an organization, one of these community members will be in contact with her to offer the support of Wake Forest.

We encourage you to review the resources on the Wake Forest University Fraternity & Sorority Life website, particularly the parent and recruitment pages. You can also view the information booklet we provide to our women here. Additionally, the Wake Forest Family Programs Page has fantastic resources, including Information for First Year Parents and Greek Life Questions and Answers. Please feel free to contact us with any questions about the recruitment process, the sorority community or student organizations in general. We are here to help as much as possible.


Shane Taylor
Assistant Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life



To contact the Office of Family Engagement, please visit our contact page.

If Your Student Has a Problem

One of the best ways parents/families can help their students is to let them solve their own problems. Use the Stop, Drop, and Roll method when your student contacts you with a problem.  The flyer also lists contact information for serious concerns where family intervention might be appropriate.

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