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Information for First-Year Parents and Families

Weekly Messages for First Year Families

Throughout the 2015-16 school year, the Parents’ Page will publish a weekly message for first-year parents and families of the Class of 2019, designed to help you understand the transition to college and life on campus and activities or events your student may be experiencing that week.

Orientation 2015 Materials (NEW) – we have placed some of the Orientation slide shows online for families who want to reference them or could not attend the original sessions.

January 20 – Ups and Downs and the Winter Blahs.  Cold, wintry weather can sometimes lead to the Winter Blahs.  Here are some thoughts around how to handle students if they have winter malaise.

January 11 – It’s the Same – Everything’s Changed. When first year students return for spring semester, campus looks the same, but sometimes it feels different. Why?

November 30 – Grade Expectations.  There is a lot of angst from students about their grades – and what you might think of them.  This is a reprise from the Daily Deac blog for parents – but it is worth a read!

November 23 – Exam Tips and Stress Management.  The first set of finals can be an anxious time for your Deacs.  Read about a few things they can do to bring their best selves to their exams.

November 16 – Celebration of the Season.  The holidays are approaching, and this is a time for students to learn from people of different faith traditions.  Hear from our University Chaplain, Tim Auman.

November 9 – Family 101: Or How It is Different Once Your Student Comes Home for Thanksgiving Break.  You will soon have a full time college student trying to fit back in to your family’s home and lifestyle.  While this can be a time of joy, there can also be tensions.  Here’s some tips on how to have the smoothest transition.

November 2 – Study Abroad.  Believe it or not, it is not too soon for your student to begin thinking about study abroad opportunities.  The earlier your student plans, the better off he/she will be.

October 26 – Time Management and Overcommitment.  Time management can be the key to a college student’s success.  Learn some of what your student might be experiencing, and how to encourage good habits.

October 19 – Course Registration Advice.  Your Deacs will be registering themselves for spring semester classes soon.  Here are a few considerations as they go through the process.

October 12 – Traditions, School History, School Spirit.  Learn more about some of the traditions and activities that happen in the fall semester, and how your Deac can show his/her school spirit.

October 5 – Midterms and Test Preparedness.  The first set of midterms can be anxiety-provoking, and students and parents alike can fret about grades.  Here is some advice from both a student and an administrator perspective.

September 21 – New Environments and New People.  Students in college have the ability to meet people from different backgrounds, traditions, beliefs, walks of life, etc.  How students navigate difference can be critical.

September 14 – Navigating the Classroom and Professors.  College work and workloads are different than high school.  What might your students be experiencing?  What resources are available for them?

September 7 – Homesickness and Building Community.  It’s normal to miss home and family at the start of school.  Learn more about how to encourage your student to thrive in his/her new community.

August 31 – Getting Involved.  Here are some ways your students can begin to find their niche at WFU.

August 24 – Welcome to Wake Forest and Winston-Salem.  An introduction to your students’ new home and how they are acclimating to campus.