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Information for First-Year Parents and Families

Weekly Messages for First Year Families

Throughout the 2014-15 school year, the Parents’ Page will publish a weekly message for first-year parents and families, designed to help you understand the transition to college and life on campus and activities or events your student may be experiencing that week.

We are also making available the materials from some of our Orientation sessions for parents.

September 15 – Navigating the Classroom and Professors.  Students are trying to get the knack of the new college workload, plus figuring out how to work best with their faculty.  Here are some suggestions.

September 9 – Homesickness and Building Community.  Some thoughts on how students might experience homesickness, and the adjustments they all face living in residence halls with new people.

September 2 – Getting Involved.  How students can find friends and extracurricular activities as they begin the semester.

August 25 – Welcome to Wake Forest and Winston-Salem.  Everyone is finally on campus and settling in to life at WFU.  What’s that really like?