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Information for First-Year Parents and Families

Weekly Messages for First Year Families

Throughout the 2014-15 school year, the Parents’ Page will publish a weekly message for first-year parents and families, designed to help you understand the transition to college and life on campus and activities or events your student may be experiencing that week.

We are also making available the materials from some of our Orientation sessions for parents.

4.13.15 – Planning for the Summer.  Your student is about to come home and live under your roof once again.  Here are some thoughts to consider before her or she arrives.

4.6.15 – A Greener You.  How to think about sustainability at Wake Forest – and home for the summer.

3.30.15 – Building Up to a Strong Finish.  Thoughts on beating procrastination and finishing the semester on a high note.

3.16.15 – You Want to Major in What???  Your student’s major does not determine where he or she goes in life.  Your student determines that.  Here’s ways to redirect ‘the major conversation’ into something more productive.

3.1.15 – Spring Break Safety.  Talk to your students about how to stay safe if they travel during Spring Break.

2.23.15 – Social Networking.  Are your students aware they are building an online brand or reputation based on their use of social media? If not, it might be time to talk about best practices and pitfalls to avoid.

February 10 – Mentoring.  One of the hallmarks of the Wake Forest experience is having access to great mentors.  How can your Deacs tap into that resource?

February 2 – Cultural Awareness and Inclusion.  This is about students broadening their horizons and ensuring this is a welcoming community for all.

January 26 – Self Esteem and Wellbeing.  The first year of college can be a turbulent time for students to find their place on campus and a sense of inner peace.  Self esteem and wellbeing play a key role.

January 20 – Social Justice and Service.  On the heels of the MLK holiday, your students have the opportunity to explore their thoughts, feelings, and values in the area of social justice and service.  Learn how.

January 12 – Goals for a New Year.  Some practical resolutions to consider for the spring semester.

December 8 – Exam Tips and Stress Management. What are some of the things your students should be doing (but likely aren’t?)

December 1 – Celebration of the Season.  Tim Auman, University Chaplain, shares thoughts about the holidays.

November 24 – Family 101 – Or How It’s Different Once Your Student Comes Home for Thanksgiving.   Your students are returning home at Thanksgiving, but they won’t fit neatly into their old roles in your family.  How do you gracefully blend your student’s new independence with your family norms and rules?

November 17 – Study Abroad.  It’s not too early to start planning!

November 10 – Time Management and Overcommitment.  How to stay afloat with all the obligations and distractions in a student’s day.

November 3 – Honor.  The Honor Code is the heart of Wake Forest.  What does that mean for your students?

October 27 – Sorority Rush and Recruitment.  Read several perspectives on the recruitment process that some women will participate in this coming January.

October 13 – New Environments and New People.  Students have the opportunity to meet lots of new people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences – yet we all share a common humanity. Embrace the wonders of getting to know someone unlike you.

October 6 – Traditions, School History, and School Spirit.  School spirit and traditions can help make your student’s experience more meaningful.  Here’s your primer on some of our history and traditions.

September 29 – Midterms and Test Preparedness.  Midterms are coming – everybody panic!  No, don’t panic.  Here are some tips.

September 22 – Health, Wellbeing, and Balance.  Here are some ways to encourage your students to proactively approach their sense of wellbeing.

September 15 – Navigating the Classroom and Professors.  Students are trying to get the knack of the new college workload, plus figuring out how to work best with their faculty.  Here are some suggestions.

September 9 – Homesickness and Building Community.  Some thoughts on how students might experience homesickness, and the adjustments they all face living in residence halls with new people.

September 2 – Getting Involved.  How students can find friends and extracurricular activities as they begin the semester.

August 25 – Welcome to Wake Forest and Winston-Salem.  Everyone is finally on campus and settling in to life at WFU.  What’s that really like?