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Information for First-Year Parents and Families

Weekly Messages for First Year Families

Throughout the 2013-14 school year, the Parents’ Page will publish a weekly message for first-year parents and families, designed to help you understand the transition to college and life on campus and activities or events your student may be experiencing that week.

April 14 – Sustainability.  How is Wake Forest green, and how can your students play a part?

April 7 – Pro Humanitate.  What does our school motto mean, and how can our students live it?

March 31 – Planning for the Summer.  Things to think about before your first-year student comes home for the summer and you adjust to a ‘new normal.’

March 24 – You Want to Major in What?  Concerned about your student’s potential major?  Don’t be!

March 17 – Strengths Identification and Emotional Intelligence.  How can your student discover what he/she is good at, and how to have the most productive relationships with others?

March 3 – Spring Break Safety.  Things to talk about with your Deac before he/she heads off to a Spring Break vacation.

February 24 – Social Networking.  It’s fine to post anything online, right?  Wrong.

February 16 – Self Esteem and Personal Wellbeing.   What can students do to fight off some of the winter blahs and feel confident and content?

February 9 – Cultural Awareness and Inclusion.  Your students will be called to lead a global world after graduation.  They can get started preparing for that right now.

February 1 – Student Involvement.  How students can get plugged in to events and activities on campus.

January 27 – Mentoring.  Mentoring is a key part of the Wake Forest culture.  How can your students begin to tap into our many mentoring resources?

January 20 – Social Justice.  What is social justice, and how should your students begin thinking about their role as emerging adults?

January 14 – Goals for a New Year.  What kind of resolutions might you encourage your student to make this semester?

December 9 – Exam Tips and Stress Management.  This is your Deac’s first set of finals at Wake Forest…what can you do to help?

December 2 – Celebration of the Season.  How students might think about faith traditions – their own, as well as other people’s.

November 21 – Family 101.  Here’s a short class on ‘how things are different when your student comes home for Thanksgiving break.’

November 17 – Cultural Awareness.  Students need to develop global competencies.  How might they accomplish this?

November 11 – Study Abroad.  This is one of the most powerful experiences your student can have while at Wake Forest.  Begin thinking about it now.

November 4 – Time Management and Overcommitment.  Academics must come first, but there are a lot of other opportunities and distractions.  Here are some considerations for your students.

October 28 – Course Registration.  Your students will be registering for class soon.  Here’s some advice about approaches they can take in the process.

October 21 – Honor.  Wake Forest has an Honor Code.  What does that mean for our students?

October 14 – Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment.  Some thoughts on the process and how best to navigate it.

October 7 – Traditions, School History, and School Spirit.  Some tips on how to be a great Deac.

September 30 – Midterms and Test Preparedness.  Three perspectives on studying, grades, and midterms.

September 23 – Health, Wellness, and Balance.  Some ideas on how your students can maintain balance in school.

September 16 – New Environments and New People.  College is a time to open up and experience new people and places.  Here are some things to think about in the process.

September 9 – Navigating the Classroom and Professors.  What do successful students do?

September 2 – Homesickness and Building Community.  Adjusting to the ‘new normal’ of life on campus.

August 26 – Getting Involved.  How students can find their niche on campus.

August 22 – Welcome to Wake Forest and Winston Salem. – They’ve moved in.  Now what?