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Stuff Our Students Are Doing

A couple of audience-participation kinds of posts today. A couple of weeks ago, I got an email from a Deac mom who was justifiably proud of the philanthropic work our students are doing on ...

Lots of energy

The students are back, and there is a lot of energy back on campus with them. Today is Bid Day for sororities, which means at 3:45 pm, groups started gathering on the Quad (or at their lounges if ...

Reentry is hard

We’re gearing up for the return of our students. First it will be the young ladies who are participating in sorority recruitment (what we called “rush” when I was in college), then the rest of ...

Final Grade Reporting, and Greek information

It has been insanely quiet on my part of campus. Lots of staff have already left town. Of note, final grades were due yesterday. Your Deacs will be able to access them in WIN.

Especially for our ...

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Sorority Recruitment

Before I forget, for parents and families of first-year students (P’21s), there is a new Weekly Message for you, this one on health and wellbeing.  So onto today’s Daily Deac topic: some ...

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