Lots of energy

The students are back, and there is a lot of energy back on campus with them. Today is Bid Day for sororities, which means at 3:45 pm, groups started gathering on the Quad (or at their lounges if at other residence halls off the Quad) to welcome their new sisters. It is a LOUD time. Lots of chanting and singing of sorority songs. I took a couple of very brief videos (see here, or here, or here). The things that stood out to me the most just looking at the groups was that one group of young women had very bright neon tights and tutus, another had bright gold spandex pants reminiscent of the Disco era. Not sure if the Quad will still be rocking at 5 pm when this gets mailed out, but you can always try the Quad Cam.

Another Greek life note to mention: the Office of Student Engagement released a statement about an interim suspension for three fraternities; you can read the full message here.

There is a chance of bad weather tonight – a pretty high chance we will get snow overnight, though the question is always ‘how much?’  Feels like a good time to remind our Deac families of how delays or cancellations would be announced. And as always, please urge your students to make smart choices in bad weather, especially when it comes to driving. Be safe, y’all.

We are getting a lot of calls and emails asking about the date for Family Weekend. We do not have that yet. Our FAQ page, Events section explains how that date gets chosen. I promise, soon as we have it, we’ll publish it here, on the Parents and Families main page, etc.

Tomorrow is FDOC – First Day of Class. I can hardly believe half of this academic year is over. Where did the time go?

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