Up and coming

It’s a new week, Deac families. Let’s get after it!

Am hearing anecdotal reports of a lot of winter illness. This is something that tends to happen every winter, when students are all back in close quarters and there are germs floating around. Good reminder that the Student Health Service is here for your students and that they can serve as their primary care doctors during the school months. Note that while students are encouraged to use the portal to make appointments, if they can’t find a time that works, they should call SHS to see if there are triage or acute appointments reserved (always make the call and don’t assume there is no availability).

Tomorrow is the spring Study Abroad Fair, and I especially encourage all ’22s to attend. This fair will expose students to many different abroad programs, study abroad counselors, and more. Don’t miss it!

We are almost to February and Black History Month. There are so many great events listed on the BHM website – and even more general events on the Events Calendar – that your Deacs can enjoy.

It’s the start of the third week of class. This means that some of our students might be living in that sweet spot before big projects/test/papers come around: you have work to do, but there is perhaps not as much pressure as there will be in another week or two. Ride that wave, Deacs, but remember that procrastination helps no one.

The Office of Academic Advising sent out a new issue of Letters So Dear, with advice from current upperclassmen/women. Today’s advice is from a student who transferred into Wake as a junior; read it here. There is an archive of all Letters So Dear online here as well.

Finally, a Daily Deac-er sent me an editorial that ran in the New York Times about fraternities and some of the good work that they are doing. This is an interesting counternarrative to the normal coverage of some of the Greek Life issues in the news. Thought it was a good read, so am sharing it for those who are interested: read it here.

— by Betsy Chapman ’92, MA ’94

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