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Faculty Etiquette

I’m out all week – so this is a pre-post, and a repeat of an oldie but goodie.  For those who are P’22s with incoming first-year students, today’s Daily Deac is a primer in some of the ...

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Why the Liberal Arts Are So Important

One of my colleagues on the academic side of the house forwarded me this article from LinkedIn. It is entitled “Why liberal arts and the humanities are as important as engineering” and it is a ...

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Nooks and crannies

Happy Monday, Deac families! Let’s make it a great week.

Lounge outside the Post Office and Dean of StudentsI was in the Benson Center early this morning going to the Post Office and saw the lounge that sits between the Post Office and the Dean ...

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First-year student course registration

Incoming first-year students will do their course registration next week. First-year students have been getting a variety of emails all summer to help them prepare for registration (see archives ...

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A few thoughts on academics from an adviser

UPDATED JUNE 20TH: the Daily Deac below was written days ago, before we got the tragic news of the death of Zachary Zhang (see news release here). Please join me in offering your thoughts and prayers to Zachary’s family, friends, and loved ones. 

Today I am on a plane home from a New Student Reception, so this is a pre-post.

For our P’22 families, you should know that every new student at Wake Forest is issued an academic adviser to help them learn how to navigate course requirements and understand how to proceed with course selection for the first two years before they declare a major.  Normally academic advisers are faculty members, but sometimes they are Wake Forest staff members; often the staff academic advisers are also Wake Forest alumni.  New students also have a student adviser, an upperclass peer. Advising groups of 10 first year students, the academic adviser, and the student adviser do a lot of activities together the first few days on campus. Read more

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