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Wild and crazy Friday

It has been a wild and crazy Friday and I have not had much of a chance to get out and about, so today I bring you just a few impressions of campus and the mood:

Sunny – the sun has been out and ...

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Branford Marsalis!

Musician Branford MarsalisTonight is an incredible opportunity for your students – to hear from 3 time Grammy winner Branford Marsalis. He will be performing in Wait Chapel tonight as part of the Secrest Artists Series. ...

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It’s the academic advising period, so students should be meeting with their lower division adviser (for students who have not yet declared a major) or their major adviser. Thought it would be ...

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Reprising an oldie but goodie

Today’s Daily Deac is a rerun of something I did . Was good advice then and it’s still good now 🙂  I call it “The Agony of Choosing.”

Over the past couple of weeks I have had an opportunity ...

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Catching up with lots of topics

EDITED 11:20 AM – Campus is closing at noon due to the snow. On-campus students were also alerted that they should keep their residence hall windows closed.

Welcome back, Deac families! Though ...


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