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Reprising an oldie but goodie

Today’s Daily Deac is a rerun of something I did . Was good advice then and it’s still good now 🙂  I call it “The Agony of Choosing.”

Over the past couple of weeks I have had an opportunity ...

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Catching up with lots of topics

EDITED 11:20 AM – Campus is closing at noon due to the snow. On-campus students were also alerted that they should keep their residence hall windows closed.

Welcome back, Deac families! Though ...

The second of three Senior Orations

Today we continue our feature of Senior Orations. But before we do that, need to make mention of the fact that Spring Break is coming up, and as such there will be residence hall room ...

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Senior Orations

Last week was Founder’s Day Convocation. During that event, three seniors read a Senior Oration, an original composition they submit for consideration. Ten seniors are chosen each year as ...

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For those with high school students

Happy Monday, Deac families!  It’s been a grey and drizzly morning and I have been jammed in meetings and other things, so today will be a quick blog.

While most of the time we talk about the ...

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