Be present

At the start of each semester, President Hatch sends a message to the campus community. He began with what feels like a really wonderful goal: be present.

“As we begin this year, I offer all of us a single challenge: Be present. Even as you juggle the many demands on your time, permit yourself to be engaged. Honor those around you by offering them your full attention. Allow the fear of missing out to be replaced by the pleasure of your present situation. Wherever you are, whatever you find yourself doing, be all there….The commitment to focusing on the present is part of being a hospitable community. It conveys that the people and projects in front of us, asking for our time and attention, are important.”

Dr. Hatch also talked about the important work being done on the President’s Commission on Race, Equity and Community and with the Slavery, Race and Memory Project. Those are critical areas of focus with the ultimate goal of fostering a sense of belonging for everyone in our community. You can read his full message here.

In other news, it has been crazy weather here. Unseasonably warm, in the 60s. This graphic about the 12 Seasons of North Carolina Weather was popping up in my social media feed over the past few days, and there is a lot of truth here.

Happy Humpday, Deac families! Finish the week strong.

The 12 seasons of NC weather

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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