Finishing the week strong

Happy Friday, Deac families! As we close out the week, wanted to share a few things with you:

Pitsgiving is coming! For our P’23 new families, Pitsgiving is one of our students’ beloved traditions: it is a day at the Pit where they serve a Thanksgiving type meal and is a perennial favorite of students. This year, Pitsgiving will be on Thursday, November 21st. Please tell your Deacs not to miss it.

On Veterans Day, there was a very moving Yellow Ribbon ceremony – see a video recap here. The service was hosted by our ROTC program and President Hatch with Vice Admiral Forrest Faison (’81, P’23) as keynote speaker. The 28 students receiving the Yellow Ribbon Initiative benefit represent families who have served in every branch of our Armed Forces, including as officers, enlisted men and women, pilots, military judges and attorneys, foreign area officers and intelligence officers.

Have you ever wondered through Reynolda, Benson, or other campus buildings and admired the rich and varied art on the walls? You may (or may not) know that Wake owns a breathtaking collection of 2,000 pieces of art that includes the Student Union collection acquired by students from the nearly 60-year-old, one-of-a-kind Student Art Buying Trip. Now, the catalog of some of that collection is online in a flip-book format. My late P’92 father always boggled at the gigantic Vincent with Open Mouth, which had hung in the Green Room of Reynolda when I was a student.

Current WFU parent and College Board of Visitors member Bill Taylor (P’22) wrote a terrific article for the Harvard Business Review about our Facilities dance performance From the Ground Up and the relationship of pride to job performance. Read it here.

Finally, I know that the second round of registration took place this week. As with all registrations, sometimes students find that they did not get a class/professor/time slot etc. that they wanted. In my 4 years of undergraduate school at Wake, I don’t think I ever got a “perfect” schedule. If your Deac is fretting about not getting in to X or Y class, please reassure them of a few things: 1) that a lot of students will drop and add classes between now and the start of class in January, and it may be that a spot will come open for them; 2) they can/should check WIN daily to see if there are spots that opened up (for classes without wait lists); and 3) if they are on a wait list for a class, they need to check their email every day to see if they get a notification that they got a spot and need to sign up (details here); and 4) try and relax – things have a way of working out 🙂

It’s Friday, friends. Call your Deacs (you know why) and have a conversation with them – and always, always end by telling them you love them and you are proud of them!


— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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