I had to use shouty capitals for that title because I am so excited about Move-In Day. Truly it is one of the best days of the year. We will see a million smiles, some tears, expressions of confusion, apprehension, joy, pride – everything on the spectrum.

This is a great day for our ’22 students. They are starting a Great Big Giant Adventure. Meeting a roommate and hallmates. Figuring out whether to bunk the beds or not. Getting that Post Office box key and thinking about buying books. Learning where campus buildings are.¬†Walking over that invisible threshhold of no-longer-a-kid to somehow being an emerging-adult.

Will you recognize that moment when you see it, new Deac families? Or will it sneak up on you?

I bet you that at some point before you say that last goodbye and head for home, you will have a moment where you look at your Deac, know that you have done your best to prepare them, and know that they are on their way.

Exciting times. Enjoy every moment. And keep the Kleenex handy.


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