Parents’ Advice Needed

One of my colleagues in our News Service is working on an article about advice for first-year parents, from the perspective of upperclassmen parents.  I wanted to call upon the loyal readers of the Daily Deac to give you first crack at offering your advice to new parents about the first-year experience. You can offer any kind of advice, but here are some ideas to help prompt your thinking:

-What you REALLY need to buy for the residence hall
-How to coordinate with roommates you don’t know
-Where you find the XL sheets you need
-How to handle the empty or emptier nest
-Tips for move-in day
-What the weeks leading up to move-in day are like
-How much communication to expect from your student
-Finding the balance between helping and helicoptering
-Most useful technology/appliances

And anything else you think a new parent might like to know.

Email with your advice; please include which year your student will be starting this fall (we’d like to be able to know who are senior parents, junior parents, etc.).  Your name and/or your student’s name are optional, so if you would like us to use them, let us know.

Thank you in advance for helping our next generation of Deac parents!

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