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LiveSafe App and Operation ID

University Police shared information about two important safety and security programs that we encourage all students to use.


University Police has a new LiveSafe app and asks parents to encourage their students to download the app.  LiveSafe is a free personal mobile application for Wake Forest students to engage in a two-way conversation with WFU police. With LiveSafe, students can use their cell phones as a personal security device that allows direct access to police, 911 emergency services, emergency location sharing, information sharing with quick tips, and a peer-to-peer SafeWalk tool. Learn more here – and encourage your student to get LiveSafe on his/her cell phone.  Live Safe App

University Police also encourages students to participate in Operation ID, a nationwide program designed to discourage burglary and theft of valuables.  It also provides a way to easily identify stolen property and increases law enforcement’s chances of recovery and conviction:

“Most burglars steal valuables for resale. But if you mark all items with permanent identification numbers, the burglar may be unable to sell them. If a criminal knows all your valuables are marked, he or she will look for easier and more profitable victims.  Register your Property Here”

Please encourage your student to download the LiveSafe app and to participate in Operation ID.

Flu Vaccines Available October 7th

The following information was sent to the Parent Programs office from the Student Health Service so it could be shared as a news item for parents.



Maxim Healthcare will be on campus Wednesday, October 7th from 12:00 – 7:00 pm offering flu vaccines for students!  The event will be held in Benson 401.  The cost is $27.00 cash or check.  If paying by credit or debit card, a voucher can be purchased at the Benson Ticket Office on October 7th.

The following insurance cards are accepted at the time of service:  Aetna;  Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield;  Blue Cross/Blue Shield of NC,RI, MA, TX, IL;  Coventry Health Care of the Carolinas, Premera Blue Cross; Regence BC/BS of OR and WA; Healthspring; Humana; Independence BC/BS, Sierra Health & Life and SummaCare.

Notification of an Off Campus Incident Reported to the Police

The following message was sent on Saturday, September 12 from Communications and External Relations.


A student reported to the Wake Forest University Police Department on Sept. 12 about having experienced unwanted sexual touching off campus on Sept. 11 by a student who is known to the reporting student.

The University Police Department immediately contacted the Winston-Salem Police Department since the incident was reported to have occurred in the Winston-Salem Police Department’s jurisdiction.  The student made the report to the University Police Department at 4:45 p.m. Sept. 12.  The incident was reported to have occurred around 1 a.m. Sept. 11.

Wake Forest is providing resources to assist the individuals involved in this incident, and will continue to take actions to maintain the safety and security of the campus community. It is important for all of us to focus on the things that we can all do to keep ourselves and others safe.

–Be respectful of yourself and others. Make sure that any sexual act is OK with your partner, and remember that consent is an active process, not the absence of a “no.”

–If you feel uneasy, go to a safe location and call a friend or the police. When your safety is at risk or you need a safe escort on campus, contact University Police, available 24 hours  at (336) 758-5911.

–Download Live Safe Mobile App

–Remember that the majority of sexual assaults are perpetrated by someone the survivor knows. Someone can feel that they are in a safe place with safe people and be sexually assaulted.

As community members witnessing a dangerous situation, we can:

–Call University Police or someone else in authority.

–Tell another person.

–Ask a friend in a potentially dangerous situation if he/she wants to leave and then make sure that he/she gets home safely.

If you have experienced sexual assault, we encourage you to seek support and report it. If you or a friend have questions or concerns about sexual violence, you can contact the following resources for confidential information and support:

Safe Office: [Confidential]
Helpline 24/7: (336) 758-5285, Benson Center 317

Student Health Service: [Confidential]
(336) 758-5218, Lower Level of Reynolds Gymnasium

University Counseling Center: [Confidential]
(336) 758-5273 After hours contact Student Health, Reynolda 118

PREPARE Student Advocates: [Confidential]
Helpline 24/7: (336) 671-7075

Office of the Chaplain: [Confidential]
(336) 758-5017, Reynolda Hall 22

If you would like to report a sexual assault or learn about sexual violence prevention, please contact any of the following offices for more information:

Wake Forest University Title IX Office:
(336) 758-7258, Reynolda Hall 2

University Police:
(336) 758- 5911

Dean of Students:
(336) 758-5226, Benson Center 139

Other resources:
Winston-Salem Police Department

Family Services/Forsyth County


Wake Forest Communications and External Relations

Message to Students from Residence Life and Housing

The following message was sent to students today from Residence Life and Housing.


Good Morning,

During the fall it is important that we all pay special attention to mold-related issues. As a reminder, here are a few tips to prevent mold/mildew growth in your room:

  • Do not open windows while heating or cooling units are operating. This will cause   condensation and may contribute to mold growth.
  • Do not place furniture or other items in front of heating and cooling units that can obstruct air flow.
  • Do not place potted plants or any other source of moisture on or around heating and cooling units.
  • Set thermostats no lower than 70 degrees and fan to low speed.
  • Do not leave wet or damp clothes, towels or shoes in closets. Set them out on a drying rack until completely dry.
  • Please empty your room and bathroom trash on a regular basis, do not let it accumulate in your room.
  • Do not use thick foam mattress pads on your bed, they do not allow air circulation between the pad and our waterproof mattresses.
  • If you see mold, immediately call Residence Life and Housing or Facilities and Campus Services to have the area inspected.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Wake Forest University
Residence Life and Housing

Join Us: Community Forum on Campus Climate

The following message was sent September 8th to the campus community from Provost Rogan Kersh.


Greetings Wake Foresters!  I hope to see many of you at the Community Forum tomorrow evening [Wednesday, September 9], intended to continue shaping a shared WFU culture of inclusivity and meaningful intellectual exchange.  The Forum builds on last year’s ‘Deliberative Dialogue’ and related campus-climate conversations and proposals.  After a brief introduction, students, faculty, and staff will gather in small groups to engage around the thematic opportunities and challenges central to the Dialogue, with particular focus on the commitments emerging from last academic year and summer’s collective efforts.  Thematic areas (such as curricular revisions, campus policing, and student engagement) along with many of our initial commitments are summarized at the ‘Community in Progress’ website, found at

I thank so many of you for affirming through your engagement to date the shared effort to make Wake Forest a place that embraces all who call it home.  This Forum represents another such opportunity for collective involvement.  We will gather tomorrow [Wednesday, September 9] at 7:00 pm in Benson University Center 401.  I look forward to the conversation.


Rogan Kersh
Provost and Professor of Politics & International Affairs

September 15 is the Last Day to Upgrade Students’ Meal Plans

The following information was sent by Campus Dining:


Dining Update: This is a friendly reminder that the last day to upgrade your students Meal Plan is September 15th! You can also add Food Dollars or Deacon Dollars to your students account through our website at at any point during the semester.

Administrative Offices Closed for Labor Day

Administrative offices will be closed on Monday for Labor Day.  Classes in the college will run as scheduled unless professors indicated otherwise on their class syllabus.

If you have an urgent need to reach someone at the university because you have an urgent concern that must be addressed prior to office reopenings on Tuesday, University Police is our 24/7 contact.  They can assess the situation and determine who best to address your concern. The 24-hour contact number for University Police is 336.758.5591 (non emergency) or 336.758.5911 (emergency). They can get in touch with on-call duty staff 24-hours/day.

Save the Date for the President’s Ball – September 25

The following message was sent to the campus community on behalf of President Nathan O. Hatch.


“I look forward to another memorable ‘President’s Ball’ on September 25!  Please save the date and plan to attend!”
~ Nathan O. Hatch
pres ball

Hitting the Bricks for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Drive

hit the bricks 1From the Pro Humanitate Institute:


The 13th annual Hit the Bricks event will take place on Thursday, October 1st from 11am-7pm. During this student-led event, teams of students, faculty, and staff run or walk laps around Hearn Plaza to raise both money and awareness for the fight against cancer. Throughout the day, various campus groups, special guests, and other entertainment help foster a strong sense of community, which culminates with the final remembrance lap for cancer victims and survivors. Last year, 90 teams representing 1,135 participants raised $33,309 for the Brian Piccolo Cancer Fund to support research at the WF Cancer Center. Please encourage your student to participate in this fun and beloved campus tradition!  For more information about the event, please visit

Jasper Memory Lane Traffic, Parking Announcement

The following message was sent to the campus community from Communications and External Relations.


Construction of a residence hall on Jasper Memory Lane will prompt temporary changes in traffic flow on that road starting this weekend.

Jasper Memory Lane will be closed to through traffic starting at 5 p.m. Friday, Sept. 4, and continuing through October.

Vehicles may continue to be driven and parked on part of Jasper Memory Lane, but the portion of the road near the construction site will be closed due to installation of utilities for the new residence hall.

Faculty and staff spaces will remain in front of South Residence Hall.  Lot J will remain open to faculty, staff and student parking.

Instead of exiting the road at its intersection with Wingate Road, drivers will need to turn around at the service drive behind Johnson Residence Hall.  Jasper Memory Lane will be re-striped temporarily to allow two-way traffic on the road.

Signs will be placed to divert through traffic at the west end of Jasper Memory Lane to Faculty Drive.


Wake Forest Communications and External Relations