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Live Safe App and Updates from University Police

I continue road-warrior-ing on the West Coast this week.  So a bit of news from campus.

University Police was recognized for a couple of major commendations at the annual International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators (IACLEA) conference:

6 28 16 reginaSgt. Lesia Finney received the IACLEA Community Policing Award, and Chief Regina Lawson received the Live Safe Award at the IACLEA conference for Community Connections.  Congratulations to both of them!

6 28 16 LesiaSgt. Finney also wanted me to pass along information about Live Safe, a campus safety app that students can use – and may be of interest to families too.  Live Safe App info for parents

— by Betsy Chapman




Open Windows!

Happy Monday to you, Deac families!  I am going to be on the road for some New Student Receptions in CA this week, so will be pre-posting a few things.

I know I keep talking about the new gym, but the transformation in process is so fascinating.  Today when I walked by, I saw they have most of the windows from the bricked-in arches opened up.  Even still mid-construction, this makes a huge difference.  My early prediction is that your students are going to love this new look when it is ready!

6 27 16 gym 3 6 27 16 gym 1

— by Betsy Chapman

Black and Gold Friday

Happy Black and Gold Friday to you, Deac families!  Hope you are wearing WFU apparel, or black and gold, to show your school spirit wherever you live.

A couple great stories to end the week on a high note:

There is a wonderful story about our student Lins Barwick, who was involved in the shooting incident off campus a couple of weeks ago.  Band of Brothers talks about Lins and his fraternity brothers’ support.  I don’t know Lins personally, but this article certainly makes an impression of what a fine young man he is, and how well-regarded he is among his peers.  We all wish him a speedy and full recovery.

Throughout the summer I have been showing you some pictures of the construction on campus.  The real push behind the construction is to make our campus the premier residential collegiate experience for our students.  Our News Service wrote a wonderful piece on the enhancements to the residential experience, and it has a lot of great pictures and stats.  Between the renovations to the Quad residence halls (which will continue in the coming summers until they have all been updated), to the addition of the Sutton Center portion of Reynolds Gym (which is really spectacular), to the new residence hall, and the work that is being done on the old portion of Reynolds Gym, our campus is going to be better than ever.

I am going to pull a couple of pics from the article and paste below because I don’t want you to miss them, but you really should read the whole thing [available here].

— by Betsy Chapman

Here is a look at all the construction taking place right now.

6 24 16 construction map






Here is an image of what the renovated old portion of Reynolds Gym will look like when finished.

6 24 16 new gym







And because I am a giant nerd-wonk for these sorts of infographics, this is just plain fun 🙂

6 24 16 facts


Pics of the Day

Here’s a few shots from our master photographer, Ken Bennett.  You get a peek at the new residence hall under construction (and set to open, I believe, in January ’17).  Also a look at the renovations of Poteat Hall, the Bailey Park area downtown (which your Deacs are going to love going to for concerts and other things).  Finally I am throwing in an arty shot of the Tribble-Library-Benson area, just because it’s cool.


— by Betsy Chapman
The Blue Ridge Music Center hosts a free bluegrass concert at Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem on Friday, June 3, 2016. Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is in the background.

The Blue Ridge Music Center hosts a free bluegrass concert at Bailey Park in downtown Winston-Salem. Wake Forest Innovation Quarter is in the background.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is reflected in a puddle on the campus of Wake Forest University on Friday, June 3, 2016.

The Z. Smith Reynolds Library is reflected in a puddle.

Construction of the new first year residence hall on the Wake Forest campus continues on Thursday, June 9, 2016.

Construction of the new first year residence hall on the Wake Forest campus continues.

Construction continues on phase one of the renovation of Poteat Residence Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University on Monday, June 20, 2016.

Construction continues on phase one of the renovation of Poteat Residence Hall.

Student Privacy Rights

(The Daily Deac is on vacation and will return Tuesday, June 21.)

As we continue our look into frequently asked questions, today we’ll deal with student privacy rights.

Academic privacy – colleges are bound to uphold FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), which means we cannot reveal information about students without their permission.  This includes midterm and final grades, whether the student is on track to graduate, etc.  Students control that information, and they have to waive those rights.  Students can grant Proxy Access to a parent or family member, which then allows us to be able to talk to you about the student.  If it is important to you to have access to that information, talk to your son or daughter over the summer so you can come to an agreement about this.

Financial privacy – because of FERPA, bills for tuition and other fees go directly to the student, not the parent.  As with grades, students have to grant their parents or third parties access to their accounts.  The DEAC system is our financial system, and I strongly, strongly, strongly encourage students to set up their parents or guardians on DEAC.  If your student does not, and is not in the habit of checking his/her email (0r a bill rolls to spam), he/she could miss out on registering for classes, etc.

Medical privacy – students over the age of 18 are protected by HIPAA privacy rule, which ensures the confidentiality of a patient’s medical information.  Students who are seen at the Health Service are the controllers of their health information; except in life threatening situations, the Student Health Service cannot share health information with parents, friends, professors, or deans, without the students’ permission.  So if you want to be able to talk to a doctor or nurse in the event your student is ill while at school, be sure to talk to your student now about granting permission to speak to you or signing consent forms if he/she presents with an illness.

You want to have these conversations now, and not when your student is at Student Health with strep throat, or when you want to see his/her grades, etc.

— by Betsy Chapman


Today’s another sunny one, maybe will reach 80 this afternoon.  There is a nice breeze, and all seems right with the world.

6 8 16 36 8 16 2Instead of pictures of construction, today you get these stunning hydrangeas.  They are spectacular, and I wish I could get them to grow this nicely in my yard.

6 8 16 1These were taken outside of Taylor and Efird residence halls.  You can get a sense of scale in the picture with the door in the background – these are really quite large.

— by Betsy Chapman

Work on Huffman and Poteat

Another busy day in the office, so a very quick Daily Deac to show you the activity taking place in Poteat and Huffman residence halls.  As with Kitchin last year, they are getting new windows, flooring, and a whole lot of upgrades too numerous to mention.  Seems crazy to see them with windows completely out.

Kitchin is having a little more work done too.  I believe there is some sort of portico/extended roofing happening to shield the top floor residents from the elements, since right now their outer walkways open up to the sky.

In case you were wondering, it is still hot and muggy this week. The scent of the blooming magnolias is the silver lining to the humidity.

— by Betsy Chapman

6 7 16 5 6 7 16 4 6 7 16 3 6 7 16 2 6 7 16 1


Progress on the Gym Face Lift

It is a muggy, hot day here on campus. The humidity might make you grumpy if it did not bring with it the delightfully intoxicating smell of our blooming magnolias.

Here’s a few shots at what’s being done to revolutionize the facade of Reynolds Gym.  Old cruddy bricked in archways are coming down, making way for what ultimately will be a lot of natural light and greater beauty.  Enjoy the transformation as it happens.

 — by Betsy Chapman

6 6 16 1 6 6 16 2 6 6 16 3 6 6 16 4 6 6 16 5


Housing and Dining Application Tutorial for New Students

For those of you who have incoming freshmen (or “first year students,” as we often say), the Housing and Dining Application is due on June 10th.  Residence Life and Housing has created a YouTube video to walk new students through how to complete the application.  You can view it here.

— by Betsy Chapman

Campus Garden

T6 2 16 campus garden 2his morning Reynolda Hall had its very own farmer’s market of sorts.  The Office of Sustainability alerted the Campus Life offices (and some of their campus partner offices) about the event, which was on the Reynolda Hall patio:

“Join the Campus Garden@Polo Road for the first garden stand of the season. Bring your coworkers and come early. Local produce is a hot commodity and when it’s gone, it’s gone!  Enjoy a variety of goodness including greens, radishes, flowers, raspberry transplants, onions, garlic and chives. Learn more about the Campus Garden@Polo Road volunteer hours on our website.”

6 2 16 campus gardenIf you have students in summer school and they are looking for a way to be active, be outdoors, and/or do something in the spirit of our Pro Humanitate motto, they should consider volunteering at the Campus Garden@Polo Road.  Or at minimum, to keep an eye out for the opportunity to buy homegrown fruits and veggies!

— by Betsy Chapman