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One more about Downtown and Innovation Quarter

Am still out on PTO (working on a midterm, so for those of you who are inclined to send good vibes to the universe, I will gladly take all of them you have. Multivariate stats are not my …

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Politico article on Winston-Salem

Heads up about the next few days.  I am out on PTO Weds and Thurs of this week, and then Friday is Homecoming and I have some responsibilities there.  So these next few Daily Deacs are …

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There is a lot going on today

Daily Deac-ers, I had been waiting today to post whatever news was being announced about Thursday’s Clinton-Obama campaign event that was supposed to take place on Hearn Plaza.  The

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The Pit Has Upped Its Game

Today’s Daily Deac is a field report from the Pit, our on-campus main cafeteria. I hadn’t made it down here at all this semester, and I’d just heard a presentation about some of the enhancements …

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Misty Morning Fog

poteat-field-misty-morningThis morning on campus, Poteat field was covered in fog.  It was not that the air was foggy, it was that kind of fog where it is just mist hovering a few inches to a foot above the ground. …

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