Lovely days

LATE ADDITION: word just came out about in-person celebration for the Class of 2020; read it here.

I am on PTO half days this week (and out all day Friday), so today will be a few quick hits.

Yesterday a message went out about thefts of catalytic converters in Winston-Salem; you can read the full message here. For Deacs with cars, please take note of this important info.

A message also went out from Residence Life and Housing about the housing application opening for 2021-22 and the timeline for housing selection; read it here.

I have some news for families who have been using the Google Translate plug-in that is embedded in our pages. Google has indicated that support of the plug-in will end soon, so they are being removed from our pages, and will be fully removed as of May 28th. To see how you can use in-browser translation to read pages on, please see our Who to Contact For page and look for the Translate section.

Lots of events and opportunities coming up via the Intercultural Center, which you can check out in their e-newsletter.

We’ve gotten a few questions of late from families who want to come to campus to pick up their student (to take them to a meal, or just to visit, etc.) Because the campus gates are still closed to visitors, prior to your coming to campus you will need to get your Deac to fill out the Family Access Pass. Your Deac must be logged in with their WFU ID to access the Family Access Pass, which is a Google Form. Once they click Submit, they’ll get a Google Forms email reply autoreply; that autoreply is your pass (see example). So they must forward that autoreply message to you, and you’ll show the pass (on your phone or via printout) at the gate.

The weather this week has been absolutely stunning – and last night there was an amazing pink and orange sunset, which I hope your Deacs were outside to enjoy. I took a screen grab of the Quad Cam this morning (below). What this picture does not show you is the amount of pollen that is starting to drop from the trees onto the sidewalks and cars and everything else. One of you had emailed me a couple of weeks ago to ask about my favorite “Twelve Seasons of NC” meme and why had “The Pollening” disappeared? I found that for you, and it is very appropriate for this week. Take your Zyrtec, Deacs!

The Quad Cam on April 7, 2021The Twelve Seasons of NC - "The Pollening"

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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