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A bright spot landed in my email box recently and I wanted to share it with you. It is an email that came from a P’24 to our Dean of the College, Michele Gillespie. The author and the faculty member gave me permission to share this (lightly edited to remove student and parent names). It reads:

Dean Gillespie – I am a P’24.  My son (’24) took his first Wake class in this current summer session.  He chose PHI 111 with Professor Gallegos.  I wanted to write to tell you how impressed I was with Wake and Professor Gallegos. My son’s online experience – the information he learned, and the way in which he learned it as part of this class with Professor Gallegos – exceeded any of my expectations for what the new online learning looks like.  Maybe we just got really lucky with a wonderful Professor!  This was all of our first experience with Wake and it leaves us with excitement towards move in day and the knowledge that while online learning is different it can be successful for the students. So, I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful academic experience!

I also had a suggestion from another member of the Daily Deacdom about trying to include more things about what students CAN do when they get back to campus, as opposed to just talking about COVID restrictions – which I totally get. As luck would have it, Campus Recreation sent me a list of some of the things they are planning for the fall.

Aquatics: Campus Recreation is offering a SCUBA diving certification course. Learn more.

IM Sports: We couldn’t start out the semester without a little bit of competition! This semester we will introduce new intramural sports as we practice outdoor social distancing. See what leagues and tournaments are taking place this semester and how you can get involved! Register and learn more.

Casual Rec: Ready, Set, Get Outside! Join Campus Recreation Monday through Friday evenings on Hearn Plaza with our new program, Recreation G.O.! Students will have the option of participating in non-traditional leisure activities that features a variety of lawn games from badminton, kanjam, bottle bash, cornhole, and others! For more information visit our webpage!

Fitness: Campus Recreation has many fitness options open to all of the Wake community! Group Fitnesspersonal training, and small group training will be offered both outdoors and remotely. Les Mills On Demand will invite you to take fitness on the go with over 1,000+ workouts right on your screen! Register for a class or learn more.

Student Employment: Campus Recreation provides financial assistance to Wake Forest students through employment opportunities. We strive to foster substantive employment opportunities, transferable life skills, and personal and career development of student employees. See current opportunities 

Be sure to follow our social media pages for more information on events and programs! Facebook: @WFUCampusRecreation | Instagram: @WFUCampusRec

Will share more of these kinds of details as I get them, including the activities happening next week as new students move in.

An email went out from Residence Life and Housing about options for Storage Scholars to assist with your packed and stored belongings, should you wish to do so. Details here. Also, ’24s got an email from Information Systems about important info about how to connect to the campus network and more. Details here.

Lots of meetings today about final details as we get close to move-in, so must keep this short.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)


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