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I am happy to report that our wonderful University Photographer, Ken Bennett, has been able to get back on campus recently so he can chronicle what is happening at Wake. Here is a sneak peek at some of the pictures he has captured in recent days – and know that there will be more pics to come (he has something special he’s working on for us!). As you can see, the crepe myrtle trees are about as pretty as they can be.

Crepe myrtles bloom on Manchester Plaza, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Crepe myrtles bloom on Manchester Plaza, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Tuesday, July 21, 2020.

Crepe myrtles bloom on Manchester Plaza, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Tuesday, Ju

ly 21, 2020.

Crepe myrtles bloom on Manchester Plaza, on the campus of Wake Forest University, Tuesday, July 21, 2020.


As mentioned in our P’24 town hall meeting on Sunday, and referenced in yesterday’s blog, we have said that we will require COVID testing and self-quarantine. We are working on further guidance on what that looks like, which we hope to send out tomorrow. In the meantime, want to stress that we do not want students to go out and attempt to obtain a test from a local provider. The timing of the test and the consistency of the data will be important. More to come.

I also wanted to spend a minute today talking about the volume of questions coming in and the call center. We have a lot of families with a lot of questions – very understandable, especially in these times. Our call center has been set up to try and answer as many parent and family questions as possible so that our administrative offices can talk to students who have questions about their specific situation. The call center number is 336-758-7500 and we are working M-F from 10 am – 3 pm Eastern.

All our call center staff are University employees who are volunteering to take calls. When you call the call center, you will have a University employee answer, identify themselves by name, and ask how they can help you. While we have a good deal of information available to our call center team, and we strive to be a ‘one stop shop’ to quickly and efficiently assist you, it is possible our call team may need to direct you to another office if your questions are specific to your unique situation.

If you are calling to share feedback or suggestions, our call center team will log that and will share your comments with our COVID leadership team. Due to volume, we cannot promise that the head of a particular team or person in charge of a policy will personally respond to you to discuss your feedback. We can, however, pledge that your feedback will be shared so it is seen by our leaders.

If your call needs to be sent to a specific administrative office, it will be most helpful to have the student be the one on the call. The reasons for that are two-fold: 1) we want students to begin forming working relationships with our administrative offices they need to work with, and 2) because of federal student privacy laws: we are only allowed to speak with you on your student’s behalf, regarding academic records and information, if they have designated you as a proxy. More information can be found via the Registrar’s website. Staff with expert knowledge of your student’s question or issue will talk to your student about their specific circumstances and needs.

Real world example: if you (as a loved one) have a question about why we decided to make some residence hall rooms singles and others doubles, that is a great general question and we can handle it at the call center. If your student is trying to pull a friend into a roommate group and they can’t get it to work, that is a great call for your student to make to Residence Life and Housing.

If you attempt to reach the call center and no one answers, it means all callers are occupied at that time. Please leave a voicemail with your name, contact number, and question; we are monitoring voicemail and will call you back with an answer as soon as we can. Or you can try the call center again in a few minutes.

As always, we appreciate you looking at and particularly the recent emails on the Latest Communications page for answers whenever possible. Many of the questions we receive are also answered there.

Finally, a message was sent to students who are still going through housing selection; read it here.

— by Betsy Chapman, Ph.D. (’92, MA ’94)

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